Dangan Castle

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Dangan Castle
Caisleán Daingean
Dangan Castle, Co Meath, Ireland, 1840.jpg
Dangan Castle, c. 1840.
Former names Dangan House
General information
Status Ruins
Town or city Summerhill, County Meath
Country Ireland
Coordinates 53°30′19″N 6°45′11″W / 53.5052°N 6.7531°W / 53.5052; -6.7531Coordinates: 53°30′19″N 6°45′11″W / 53.5052°N 6.7531°W / 53.5052; -6.7531

Dangan Castle is a former stately home which is now in ruin. It is the former seat of the Wesley (Wellesley) family. Located outside the village of Summerhill, County Meath. Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington spent most of his childhood at the castle and gardens,[1] and Ms Daly who was a local said she witnessed the birth.[2] The Right Honourable Richard Wesley, 1st Baron Mornington spent vasts amounts of money[citation needed] on the gardens of 600 Irish acres with a lake covering 26 acres with a fort, several islands, and several ships.[3] The built in the early 1700s as Dangan House and later extended by Arthur Wellesley, 2nd Duke of Wellington. It is situated by Dangan Church on the Trim Road.

The castle and grounds have fallen in to disrepair and ruin in more recent times. Dangan Castle and its surrounds were, in September 2013, up for sale.[4]


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