Dangaria Kandha

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[1] Dangaria Kandha is the local tribe of the region named as Niyamgiri, which is characterized by the presence of ecstatic Niyamgiri Hills. Niyamgiri is the local place which falls under the Rayagada District in the south Western Region of the state of Odisha, India. The tribe is a peace loving tribe known for their simplicity in life . The people practice Horticulture and shifting cultivation. Recently the tribe came into news for their revolutionary vote against the continuation of mining in the mineral rich Niyamgiri hills by the Vedanta Corporation. The decision was taken by voting in accordance with the order issued to the state government of odisha by the Hon'ble supreme court of India. The mining in the region has been widely opposed by many groups and non governmental organisations including some international entities too citing major environmental degradation that might get caused.

Dangaria Kandha also known as 'Dongaria Kondh' is a tribe in the south-west part of Odisha, India. They are mainly known in the Niyamgiri Jungle area, which falls in the districts of Rayagada and Kalahandi. They worship Niyamraja, the god of the Niyamgiri Jungle. Their existence has come into question due to some industrialization in the area. People are now opposing development there because of this issue, which has become a socioeconomic problem of the area. They along with 'Kutiya Kondh' tribe were recently in news as gram sabhas of these two tribal areas refused their consent to an ambitious bauxite project of mineral major Vedanta company .

Traditional Medicinal Rice of Niyamgiri Hills