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Danger Guys is a series of children's books written by Tony Abbott. The series is about two children, Noodle and Zeek, who always seem to find themselves in danger.[1]


There are six books in the series.

  1. Danger Guys
  2. Danger Guys Blast Off
  3. Danger Guys: Hollywood Halloween
  4. Danger Guys Hit the Beach
  5. Danger Guys On Ice
  6. Danger Guys and the Golden Lizard

Danger Guys[edit]

Noodle and Zeek are excited about the new store opening in the mall; Danger Guy. Once at the mall, they come face to face with two very big guys. They see the guys unloading things from the back of a truck. Noodle and Zeek get in the truck ot look at the stuff the guys are unloading, but the door closes behind them and the truck starts to drive away. As the truck starts to slow down the doors fly open and Zeek is thrown out. Noodle jumps out to look for him and finds him a little way down the path. They appear to be underground. They walk a little while and come to a huge opening. The two big guys are there. There is a temple which means the guys are treasure thieves. The two men had also kidnapped two people. Noodle and Zeek free the people but have to find something called the Eye of the Sun or the cave will flood. Noodle and Zeek stop the flooding.


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