Danger Island (film)

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Danger Island
Genre Adventure
Distributed by NBC
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Produced by William Bleich (producer)
Robert M. Sertner (executive producer)
Randy Sutter(associate producer)
Ted Swanson (producer (as Ted Adams Swanson)
Frank von Zerneck (executive producer)
Written by William Bleich
Starring Lisa Banes
Richard Beymer
María Celedonio
Gary Graham
Kathy Ireland
Music by Peter Manning Robinson
Cinematography Alan Caso
Editing by Michael Brown
Production company NBC Productions
Von Zerneck Sertner Films
Country United States
Language English
Original channel NBC
Release date September 20, 1992
Running time 90 minutes

Danger Island is a 1992 made-for-television film.


A group of vacationers on a flight when they're caught in the crossfire of a military coup. They manage to leave the resort unharmed, but due to a violent storm, the airplane carrying them to safety goes down in the South Pacific. After days of desperately floating in a life raft, the dozen very diverse survivors spot land in the distance. Exploration of the new and strange surroundings reveals that the island was once a testing site for secret biological weapons research... research that went disastrously awry. Now the monstrous evils that were created in the name of science run rampant, and each day brings challenges as the survivors fight for their lives and for a way to get off the island.


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