Dangerous (The Doobie Brothers song)

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Single by The Doobie Brothers
from the album Brotherhood
Released April 15, 1991
Recorded 1991
Genre Rock
Length 5:06
Label Capitol Records
Writer(s) Patrick Simmons
Producer(s) Rodney Mills

"Dangerous" is a song by The Doobie Brothers, from their 1991 album Brotherhood with Patrick Simmons singing the lead vocal. The song deals with riding down a road where danger is surrounding the protagonist of the song at every turn. But the song tells that it's because of these dangers that the man continues to ride and loves every minute of it.

Writer Patrick Simmons included the lyric that the man in the song is riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which is very common in the songs Simmons writes (he being fond of the brand of bikes himself).


  • The Doobie Brothers have played variations of the song since its release in 1991. Most recently, it has been the concert opener of their 2008 tour with Simmons and guitarist Tom Johnston playing acoustic guitars attached to microphone stands via MBrace guitar holders with their electric guitars already strapped on so that they can switch to the electric section quickly, while second guitarist John McFee plays the dobro.
  • The song reached #2 on the Mainstream Rock Chart, the last Doobie Brothers song to chart in the Top Ten in any US chart. A remix of "Long Train Runnin'" did make the Top 10 in the UK two years later.
  • The song is prominently featured in Brian Bosworth's biker movie, Stone Cold.