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Daniel Bongino
Bongino Senate.jpg
Bongino in December 2011
Born (1974-12-04) December 4, 1974 (age 39)
Queens, New York, U.S.
Residence Severna Park, MD, U.S.
Alma mater City University of New York,
Queens College

Pennsylvania State
University, University Park
Political party
Spouse(s) Paula Andrea Bongino
Bongino For Congress

Daniel "Dan" Bongino is a former United States Secret Service agent who is the Republican Party nominee for Maryland's 6th Congressional District in the 2014 elections to the U.S. House of Representatives. The seat represents an area of Western Maryland and is currently held by Democrat John Delaney. Bongino was the Republican Party nominee in Maryland's 2012 election for the United States Senate, losing to incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Bongino attended the City University of New York, where he earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in psychology, and Penn State University, where he earned a masters in business administration.[2]

Law enforcement career[edit]

Bongino worked with the New York Police Department for four years, from 1995 to 1999.[3] He joined the U.S. Secret Service in 1999 as a special agent,[3] leaving the New York Field Office in 2002 to become an instructor at the Secret Service Training Academy in Beltsville, Maryland. In 2006, he was assigned to the U.S. Presidential Protection Division during George W. Bush's term. He remained on protective duty after Barack Obama became President, leaving in May 2011 to run for the U.S. Senate.[3]

Political campaigns[edit]

2012 U.S. Senate election[edit]

Bongino ran for political office to represent Maryland in the U.S. Senate.[4] Former gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy was his campaign Chairman.[3] He won the Republican primary on April 3, 2012, with 33.8 percent of the vote, defeating nine other candidates. He ran against Senator Ben Cardin and wealthy Independent Rob Sobhani in the November 2012 general election and finished second.[5]

2014 House of Representatives election[edit]

Bongino is running for the U.S. House of Representatives seat from Maryland's 6th Congressional District in the 2014 election. The district is considered the 9th least compact Congressional district as a result of redistricting after the 2010 census.[6] The district is currently represented by incumbent Democrat John Delaney. In October 2013 Bongino was endorsed by an Allen West-affiliated group.[7][8] In July 2014 Bongino was endorsed by Rand Paul[9]

Political positions[edit]

Bongino is a member of the Groundswell, a coalition of conservative and libertarian activists fighting to advance conservative causes, according to public documents.[10]

Bongino opposes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare) and penned an editorial against it.[11]

Bongino has also written about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.[12]


In late 2013, Bongino's book, Life Inside the Bubble, about his career as a secret service agent, was released and immediately made it onto both the New York Times and Amazon Best Sellers list. The book discusses his experiences protecting presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and investigating federal crimes along with his 2012 run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.[13]

The book caused controversy, with anonymous former colleagues criticising him for trying to use his proximity to President Obama as the springboard for a political career: "He's trying to draw attention to himself and he's hijacking the Secret Service brand. That's all he's got going for him." Bongino claimed to have had access to "high-level discussions" in the White House. Anonymous former colleagues said he "tends to exaggerate his importance on the presidential detail and exaggerate his proximity" and that "We don't sit in on meetings at the White House. We don't sit in on high-level meetings."[14]

In response to the criticism from anonymous former colleagues, Bongino stated "There’s nothing confidential in the book" and "It’s not a tell-all. It’s my tale of the Secret Service."[15] The book contains no direct references to private conversations or attendance in high level meetings and numerous book reviews/book interviews make no mention of such statements being made.[16]

Personal life[edit]

Bongino is married to the former Paula Martinez and has two daughters. They reside in Severna Park, Maryland. Bongino and his wife are small business owners and their core business concentration is Internet design and development.[17] Bongino is a frequent radio host and commentator on both local and national radio programs. He is a guest host for both the Sean Hannity radio show and the Mark Levin radio show. Bongino has also provided guest commentary on both political and security matters for the NBC Nightly News, CBS This Morning, the Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC and a multitude of print and online outlets.[18]

Electoral history[edit]

2014 Maryland's 6th Congressional District Republican Primary[19]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Dan Bongino 23,933 83.5 N/A
Republican Harold W. Painter, Jr. 4,718 16.5 N/A
United States Senate election in Maryland, 2012[19]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Ben Cardin (incumbent) 1,402,092 55.41 +1.20
Republican Daniel Bongino 674,649 26.66 -17.53
Independent S. Rob Sobhani 420,554 16.62 N/A
Libertarian Dean Ahmad 30,672 1.21 +1.21
N/A Others (write-in) 2,583 0.10 +0.05
Majority 727,443 100.00
Turnout 2,530,550 68.23
Democratic hold Swing
2012 Maryland Senate Republican primary results[1][20]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Daniel Bongino 66,561 33.8%
Republican Richard J. Douglas 55,907 28.4%
Republican Joseph Alexander 17,567 8.9%
Republican Bro Broadus 10,503 5.3%
Republican Rick Hoover 10,241 5.2%
Republican John B. Kimble 10,088 5.1%
Republican David Jones 8,002 4.1%
Republican Corrogan R. Vaughn 7,869 4.0%
Republican William Thomas Capps, Jr. 6,768 3.4%
Republican Brian Vaeth 3,602 1.8%


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