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Daniel Cady Eaton, 1864.

Daniel Cady Eaton (September 12, 1834 – June 29, 1895)[1] was an American botanist and author. He gained his bachelor's degree at Yale University, then went on to Harvard University where he studied with Asa Gray. He then went back to Yale where he was a botany professor and herbarium curator. Eaton is the grandson of Amos Eaton.

He also worked in Utah, contributing to the US-Mexican Boundary Survey and various geological surveys.

Partial list of publications by D. C. Eaton:

  • Beautiful Ferns; from Original Water-Color Drawings after Nature. Paintings by C. E. Faxon and J. H. Emerton. New York: Nims & Knight, Troy. 1887 (c. 1885). 96 pp, 10 plates.
  • Enumeration of the Ferns of Cuba and Venezuela. 1860.
  • The Ferns of North America: Colored Figures and Descriptions, with Synonomy and Geographical Distribution of the Ferns (Including Ophioglossaceae) of the United States of America and the British North American Possessions. Volumes 1-2. 81 color plates by James H. Emerton and C. E. Faxon. Salem, Massachusetts: S. E. Cassino. 1877-1880. Folio.
  • Systematic Fern List [Eastern North America]. 1880.

Partial list of species named by D. C. Eaton:


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