Daniel Callaghan (politician)

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Daniel (Dan) Callaghan (1786–1849) was a prominent businessman and Irish politician who served as MP for Cork City from 1830-1849 (1830-1832 as a member of the Whig Party; 1832-1849 as a member of the Irish Repeal Association).

As a member of the Repeal Association, Dan Callaghan sought to end the Act of Union (1800), which created the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Callaghan, along with other Irish MP's like Daniel O' Connell, opposed the introduction of the Poor Laws (Ireland), which established the Victorian workhouses to Ireland.[1]

Daniel Callaghan was brother of Gerard Callaghan, who served as an MP for Cork City 1829-1832 as a member of the Tory Party.

He was the grandfather of Admiral George Callaghan.