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Daniel Eberlin (4 December 1647 – ca. 1715) was a German Baroque composer and Kapellmeister.

Eberlin had a vagrant lifestyle. After a brief military career (he allegedly served as an officer in the papal army), he worked as a librarian in his hometown, Nuremberg. Later he became Kapellmeister at the Eisenach court. From 1713 he lived at Kassel, where he died.[1]

Eberlin wrote cantatas for church services and a set of trio sonatas. However, only few of his works are preserved. One of his pupils was Georg von Bertouch, a German-born composer and officer who dwelt during most of his adult life in Norway. Eberlin is primarily remembered as Georg Philipp Telemann's father-in-law. Allegedly, he proposed two thousand different scordaturas for the violin.[2]


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