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Daniel Knop (born 1957) is a specialised German journalist in the fields of marine aquariology and marine biology. Originally coming from the field of natural medicine where he has authored a number of reference books and patient advisors, since 1986 he concentrates on marine organisms, mainly as a book author, underwater photographer and translator. He has authored 16 books of different subjects (more than 50 printings, translated to seven other languages), and he is chief editor of the magazine KORALLE which is released in German, Italian and English language (CORALLI, Coral Magazine).

Daniel Knop promotes the protection of natural reef biotopes, primarily as a consultant for setting up coral farms following a concept he developed in 1994 that has led to several projects in Indonesia and in the Philippines. It primarily focuses on asexual propagation of corals in the coastal area, using methods developed in the marine aquarium hobby. These farm projects attempt to produce corals for reef rehabilitation projects, aquarium market and other uses such as science or pharmacy. One of the concept's characteristics is the involvement of native fishers in coral production as an alternative livelihood which can help reduce fishing pressure on endangered reefs. Sales of farmed corals to the aquarium market not only finance the farm projects but also reduce harvesting of wild corals.

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