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Daniel Pelosi (born 2 August 1963 in Center Moriches, New York [1]) is the convicted murderer of Wall Street financier Ted Ammon, and the widower of Generosa Ammon.


Pelosi met Generosa while seeking work as an electrician. Generosa, who was involved in a bitter divorce from Ammon, hired him to supervise the renovation of her townhouse, and they soon began an affair. Pelosi, who was also married with three children, stayed at Ammon's East Hampton home with Generosa and her two adopted children, and drove Ammon's Porsche Carrera. As Ammon hadn't updated his will to reflect his marital situation, Generosa inherited the bulk of his $97 million estate after he was found murdered. Pelosi married Generosa on 15 January 2002, one day after his divorce from his wife became final.

Murder and trial[edit]

While police investigated Ammon's murder, Pelosi was arrested for punching a crew member of a tour boat when the crewman refused to serve Pelosi more alcohol.[2] He was then charged with stealing $43,000 of electricity from the Long Island Power Authority.[3][4]

Before she died in 2003, Generosa cut Pelosi out of her will. He later challenged the will and a postnuptial agreement which entitled him to $2 million for legal fees.[5] He was arrested for Ammon's murder on March 24, 2004.[6]

Prosecutors theorized that Pelosi killed Ammon to ensure his new-found lifestyle. His former girlfriend testified that he enjoyed killing Ammon.[7] His father testified that Daniel had asked him how to get rid of incriminating evidence.[8] Convicted in December 2004,[9] Pelosi maintains his innocence.[10][11]

He pleaded guilty to witness tampering in his murder trial so that he could marry his fiancée, Jennifer Zolnowski, who was a bank teller as well as Pelosi's alleged accomplice. She gave birth to their son on August 31, 2004.[12]

Pelosi is incarcerated in the Great Meadow Correctional Facility and will be eligible for parole in August 2031.[13]

Media Coverage[edit]

Pelosi was played by Shawn Christian in the 2005 TV movie Murder in the Hamptons. Pelosi was featured on Dateline NBC in the episode titled "Mystery of the Murdered Millionaire" in 2008.[14] In 2012, he was featured on a 20/20 episode titled "Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons."[15]


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