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Daniel Rendón Herrera (alias Don Mario) is a Colombian drug lord. He was captured on April 15, 2009 while hiding in a jungle.[1]

He was once the leader of the Los Gaitanistas drug trafficking parmilitary gang, formerly known as Auto-defensas Gaitanistas (Gaitanist Self-Defence Group), and founding member of what is currently known as Los Urabeños criminal gang.[2][3][4]


Daniel Rendon Herrera was born in 1966 in the Antioquia Department, Colombia, in a poor family of 14 children.[5] He is brother of the former paramilitary leader Freddy Rendón-Herrera, alias El Aleman (the German), and the evangelical pastor and paramilitary John Jairo de Jesús Rendón-Herrera,[6][7] alias German Monsalve.[8][9][10][11][12] [13]

He was second in command, after his brother, of the Elmer Cárdenas block of the ACCU (Peasant Self-Defense Forces of Córdoba and Urabá), a paramilitary group that belonged to the AUC (United Self Defense Forces of Colombia).

Daniel Rendon was a great friend of Carlos Castaño Gil, who was the top commander of the AUC; and in his honor named one of his organizations, called Heroes of Castaño, that later became a block of a new narco-paramilitary organization, created by himself, the AGC (Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia), in which took command of 400 men in the Urabá region, and controlled the drug traffic, through alliances made with the guerrillas.