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Neighbours is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on 18 March 1985 and currently airs on digital channel Eleven. The following is a list of characters that appeared or will appear in the soap in 2014, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Richard Jasek, or by his successor Jason Herbison.[1] The 30th season of Neighbours began airing from 6 January 2014.[2] Kathy Carpenter, Sienna Matthews and Naomi Canning made their debut appearances in March. Will Dempier and Daniel Robinson arrived in April, while Ethan Smith began appearing in May. Paige Smith made her debut in June, while Nate Kinski arrived in August. Dakota Davies was introduced in September. October will see the debut of Rain Taylor, while Gary Canning will arrive later in the year.

Kathy Carpenter[edit]

Kathy Carpenter
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Tina Bursill
First appearance 10 March 2014
Last appearance 20 August 2014
Introduced by Richard Jasek
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Businesswoman
Home Queensland

Kathy Carpenter, played by Tina Bursill, made her first screen appearance on 10 March 2014.[3] Bursill's casting was announced on 22 November 2013, while Kathy has previously been mentioned in the series.[4] A Neighbours spokesperson confirmed that Bursill began filming her scenes in early 2014.[4] Kathy is the ex-wife of established character Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver). Bursill and Oliver previously worked with each other in the 1970s and Bursill commented "While it has been a long time between takes, it was lovely to work with Tom again and also a lot of new faces."[3] In May 2014, Calen MacKenzie, who plays Kathy's on-screen grandson Bailey, confirmed Bursill had reprised her role as Kathy for a second guest stint.[5] Kathy returned on 18 July 2014.[6]

Kathy comes to Ramsay Street to visit her daughter Lauren (Kate Kendall).[4] Kathy is the only other person who knew Lauren had been pregnant with Brad Willis's (Kip Gamblin) child and she helped her daughter to hide the pregnancy.[7] Executive producer Jason Herbison commented that during her visit, Kathy would deliver news that will rock the Turner and Willis households, setting the stage for "some major fireworks throughout the year."[8] Bursill later said that Kathy would shock Lauren when she reveals her child is alive and added "Kathy had been trying to protect her daughter by concealing the truth."[9] Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy also reported that Kathy would clash with Lou.[3]

Lauren calls Kathy to say that she is going to tell her husband, Matt (Josef Brown), and Brad Willis about the baby she gave birth to twenty years ago. Kathy arrives in Erinsborough to see Lauren and instantly clashes with her ex-husband Lou. Lauren intervenes to say Kathy is staying with them. She then takes her mother to see her coffee shop and they discuss the phone call. Kathy tells Lauren that she should keep quiet about the baby. Kathy's youngest grandson, Bailey (Calen Mackenzie), tries to get to the bottom of his grandparents' issues and sits them both down to talk. With Lauren determined to tell Matt about the baby, Kathy admits that the baby was not stillborn and is still alive. Lauren is devastated by Kathy's revelation. Kathy goes on to explain that the baby was adopted out. Lauren is unable to forgive Kathy and asks her to leave. Kathy stays at Lassiter's Hotel, where she meets Brad's wife, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou). Kathy tells Terese that she is stopping Lauren from trying to find her daughter. Kathy then informs Bailey and Amber (Jenna Rosenow) about their half-sister, leading to a confrontation with Lou. He asks Kathy to leave, as she is making things worse. However, Kathy stays and buys Number 32 for Lauren. Lauren accepts Kathy's offer on behalf of the children. She then asks her mother to stay away from her family and Kathy leaves town.

Several months later, Lauren invites Kathy back to Erinsborough for Amber and Bailey. She is surprised when, after reconciling over the phone, Kathy makes a sudden arrival, and tells her to book at a room at Lassiter's. Kathy clashes with Terese and Lauren's employee, Paige Smith (Olympia Valance). When Paige shows an interest in Kathy's homeware business, she apologises for her earlier behaviour and Kathy agrees to mentor her. Paige learns that Kathy has hired a private investigator to search for her granddaughter. Paige asks Kathy to abandon the search for Lauren's sake, but Kathy goes ahead with it. Paige later sees Kathy taking some medication and Kathy tells her she has a heart condition. Kathy's private investigator informs her that her granddaughter has been found in Canberra. Kathy meets with Megan Dennison (Stefanie Jones), but she is not happy when Paige interrupts them. Megan later leaves and sends Kathy a text saying the meeting was a mistake. Kathy becomes suspicious of Paige and starts asking around about her. While they are out driving, Kathy goes through Paige's bag and finds a sketch pad with drawings of the Turners and Willises. Kathy realises Paige is the granddaughter she has been searching for, and she has a heart attack causing her to lose control of the car, which then hits Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney). Kathy's scarf becomes caught in the door, strangling her. Paige frees her and Kathy and Toadie are taken to the hospital, where Kathy undergoes surgery. When she wakes up, Kathy tells Matt that Paige is Lauren's daughter. Kathy abandons her plans to open a store in Erinsborough and she decides to return to Queensland.

Sienna Matthews[edit]

Sienna Matthews
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Sarah Roberts
First appearance 21 March 2014
Last appearance 22 May 2014
Introduced by Richard Jasek
Brennan on the Run
Classification Former; recurring

Sienna Matthews, played by Sarah Roberts, made her first screen appearance on 21 March 2014.[10] Roberts previously appeared in Neighbours as Clare Henderson (2010) and Jess Walker (2011),[11] while Sienna first appeared in Brennan on the Run, a series of webisodes that focused on Mark Brennan's (Scott McGregor) time in witness protection.[12] Sienna arrived in town to win Mark back and she immediately confronted his former girlfriend Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer).[13] Kate assumed Marl has invited Sienna to Ramsay Street because he wanted to get back together with her.[13] However, Brennan told Sienna that he was still in love with Kate and a "furious" Sienna demands that Kate stay away from Mark.[13] When Sienna moved in with Mark, TV Week's Rebecca Lake commented, "After an unwelcome kiss from Sienna, Brennan now realises what we've known since last week. Yep, it's time to kick his crazy ex out!"[14] Another TV Week contributor branded Sienna "loopy", "unstable" and a "psycho".[15]

After arriving in Erinsborough, Sienna breaks into Mark's house, surprising both him and Kate Ramsay. Sienna wants to get back together with Mark, but he rejects her as he is in love with Kate. Sienna confronts Kate and asks her to tell Mark that she does not love him. Sienna then speaks with Mark and tells him about the conversation with Kate. She declares her love for Mark, but he rejects her advances again. Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) encourages Sienna to stay and fight for Mark. A couple of weeks later, Sienna breaks into Mark's house again and sees that he has bought an engagement ring for Kate. Sienna tries to tell Mark that Kate does not love him, but Mark reveals that he and Kate are back together. Sienna becomes a suspect in Kate's murder after she is found to have given a false alibi. When Sienna claims she has been fired and kicked out of her house, Mark allows her to stay with him. Sienna helps Mark to go through Kate's things and she kisses him. Mark asks her to leave, but changes his mind when Sienna tells him she has no where else to go. Sienna then goes away for a few days to give him space. On her return, Mark confronts Sienna with a threatening note she wrote to Kate before her death. Sienna is questioned by the police, but she maintains that she did not shoot Kate. A taxi driver then comes forward to back up Sienna's alibi. Mark tells Sienna to go back home and she wishes him luck in finding Kate's killer.

Naomi Canning[edit]

Main article: Naomi Canning

Naomi Canning, played by Morgana O'Reilly, made her first screen appearance on 25 March 2014.[16] The character was teased in an October 2013 interview by cast member Colette Mann, who plays Naomi's estranged mother Sheila.[17] Mann commented that the actress was in the process of being cast, while on-screen, Sheila revealed that she had a bad relationship with her youngest daughter.[17] O'Reilly's casting was announced on 30 December 2013.[18] She filmed her first scenes the previous month.[18] Of her casting, she stated "When I was offered the role, I reverted back to my teenage self and was jumping and squealing. I was so excited."[18] O'Reilly said Naomi was a lot of fun, but would be hiding some secrets from her mother.[8] Shortly before her arrival, it was confirmed that Naomi would test one of the show's established relationships, after she sets her sights on a married man.[19]

Will Dempier[edit]

Will Dempier
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Christian Heath
First appearance 8 April 2014
Last appearance 3 June 2014
Introduced by Richard Jasek
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Nurse

Will Dempier, played by Christian Heath, made his first screen appearance on 8 April 2014.[20] The character and Heath's casting was announced on 7 April 2014.[20] Heath began filming three months prior to his casting announcement.[21] He told the Buckinghamshire Advertiser's Camilla Goodman that he was "ecstatic" when he learned that he had won the part of Will.[21] He landed the role after seeing the casting director at Neighbours just once.[21] Heath did not need to perfect an Australian accent for the part and he explained, "When I initially read the sides, I could see this character as English and created a whole backstory that he was from England. I auditioned in my natural accent and luckily got it, they never asked me to change."[21]

Will was introduced as a love interest for established character Chris Pappas (James Mason).[20] Will is a nurse who works at the local hospital. Chris notices Will during his stay in the hospital, after he is attacked.[20] Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly said there would be "an instant spark between Chris and Will when they first meet", which leaves Chris with a tough decision whether to break up with his boyfriend Hudson Walsh (Remy Hii) or not.[20]

Will fetches a pair of crutches for Chris Pappas when he comes into the hospital with a knee injury. Will is later assigned to care for Chris following surgery. Chris has a reaction to the analgesic and flirts outrageously with Will. The following day, Chris apologises to Will, who laughs it off and then gives Chris his number. Will discovers Chris has a boyfriend and tells him that his boyfriend should be by his side, but Chris tells him it is complicated. Will and Chris arrange to meet up for a drink, but Chris cancels at the last minute. He is later admitted to hospital with a blood clot in his leg and Will helps to prep him for a procedure. Chris apologises for leading Will on and tells him about his boyfriend, Hudson, who is in jail. When Will learns from Georgia Brooks (Saskia Hampele) that Chris and Hudson have broken up, he calls on Chris to see if he wants to talk. However, Chris tells Will that he cannot deal with him right now and shuts the door in his face. Will helps Georgia and Chris plant some trees at the local high school. Chris flirts with Will and later asks him on a date. After some initial cold feet from Chris, he and Will being dating. Will and Chris bring their dogs, Napoleon and Bossy, to meet, but Napoleon bites Bossy's leg, which needs treating by a vet. When Will and Chris later meet up, Will refuses to accept responsibility and apologise, so Chris breaks up with him.

Daniel Robinson[edit]

Daniel Robinson
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Tim Phillipps
Duration 2014–
First appearance 29 April 2014
Introduced by Jason Herbison
Classification Current; regular
Occupation Lassiter's Hotel staff (2014–)
Home Lassiter's penthouse

Daniel Robinson, played by Tim Phillipps, made his first screen appearance on 29 April 2014.[22][23] The character's introduction was teased by producer Jason Herbison in November 2013, but not confirmed until 2 December 2013.[22][24] Daniel has been referred to in the series over the years, but has not been seen on-screen before.[22] The casting department began auditions for the role and producers stated that Daniel would need to resemble his on-screen parents.[25] It was later announced that the actor playing Daniel would be revealed on-air when his first episode is broadcast in Australia.[26] However, on 20 April 2014, a reporter for The Australian confirmed Phillipps had been cast in the role.[27]

Daniel is the son of iconic Neighbours couple Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene (Kylie Minogue).[22] He comes to Erinsborough to see where his parents met and fell in love. Daniel, who is in his early twenties, was also introduced to his uncle Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).[22] Dennis commented "It really is a significant piece of Neighbours '​ colourful past and let's face it, the kid could not have come from a better gene pool."[22] Herbison later said that Daniel was "not a bad boy" and had grown up among beach culture. His unexpected trip to Erinsborough would see him "begin the next chapter of his life."[28] Phillipps described his character as "your happy-go-lucky, hippie-at-heart nature boy" and stated that Daniel would not arrive with any secrets or baggage.[27] The actor also liked Daniel's positive attitude towards life.[27] The Australian reporter added that Daniel would clash with Paul and that the writers guaranteed he would find romance on Ramsay Street.[27]

Daniel arrives in Erinsborough and begins camping at Lassiter's Lake. When Imogen Willis (Ariel Kaplan) comes across Daniel, she asks him to move on several times and later explains that he is camping in the same place where Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) died weeks earlier. Imogen asks Paul Robinson to speak to Daniel and move him on, but Paul is delighted to see Daniel and reveals that he is his nephew. Paul is initially disappointed when Daniel says he is not planning to stay long, but when Daniel notices that Paul is lonely, he reconsiders. Daniel gets on Imogen's bad side again when he accidentally knocks a dress out of her arms, while skateboarding. He later learns that it is her birthday and buys her a new dress to make it up to her. Imogen rejects the dress and he gives it to Amber Turner (Jenna Rosenow). Imogen later knocks Daniel off his skateboard during a driving lesson and the board is broken. She buys him a new board, but Daniel says that he would rather try to fix his one, as it belonged to his uncle. Daniel accepts Paul's offer of a job at Lassiter's. Daniel teaches Josh Willis (Harley Bonner) how to use a skateboard and bonds with Amber over their love of photography. He later tells Amber that they share a vibe. Daniel and Amber decide not hang out together as this may compromise Amber's relationship with Josh. When Josh befriends newcomer Paige Smith (Olympia Valance), Amber renews her friendship with Daniel. After spending time together, they confess their feelings for each other. Amber decides to break up with Josh, but cannot go through with it. Seeing the growing closeness between Amber and Daniel, Paige kisses Daniel. Daniel rejects Paige and he and Amber later share a kiss. This develops into an affair. He helps Josh escape being sued by an enemy of his parents, Sue Parker (Kate Gorman), by using dirt from the past to make her back down. Amber assures him that she will end things with Josh to be with him, but she cannot find the right moment and Josh walks in on Amber and Daniel kissing in the dark room. Josh confronts Daniel and they almost get into a physical fight. Josh trashes Daniel's darkroom and Terese later turns it back into a store room.

Despite initial difficulties over the guilt they feel, Amber and Daniel's relationship grows stronger, and he supports her when Paige is revealed to be her long-lost half-sister. When Amber tells Daniel she feels like the only way she can escape is to be in the penthouse with him, he invites her to move in with him, but she declines. Paul is angry with Daniel when he takes time off work to go on a romantic picnic with Amber. He later tells Amber about Daniel's intense relationship with his ex-girlfriend, causing Daniel and Amber to fall out. While they are out photographing the tornado, their car is caught by the winds and they are forced to seek shelter in the local garage. Daniel and Amber apologise to each other, and Amber accepts Daniel's marriage proposal. They rescue Paul when a skip hits his car and they wait out the storm together. Amber tells Daniel that they should not tell people about their engagement yet, which he accepts. During the storm clear-up, Daniel and Imogen find an orphaned wombat and they bond while caring for him. Daniel buys Amber an engagement ring and proposes to her again. He later announces their engagement at Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Georgia (Saskia Hampele) joint hen and buck's party, in front of Amber's parents and Josh, who tries to pick a fight with Daniel. When Paul announces that the council's revegetation program is being abandoned so that money can be spent on CCTV cameras instead, Daniel, with Imogen, organises his "Free Hugs" campaign which persuades Paul to change his mind.

Ethan Smith[edit]

Ethan Smith
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Matthew Little
First appearance 27 May 2014
Last appearance 18 July 2014
Introduced by Jason Herbison
Classification Former; recurring
Home Adelaide

Ethan Smith, played by Matthew Little, made his first screen appearance on 27 May 2014.[29] The character and Little's casting was announced on 6 May 2014.[29] Before Little filmed his guest stint with the show, he asked his brother-in-law, actor Dan Ewing, for advice.[29] Little commented "Dan was great and obviously knows the pace you work at on a weekly drama. I had so much fun filming, and everyone was awesome to me and really made me feel welcome."[29] Ethan was billed as being "mysterious" and having a connection to one of the show's regular characters. Ethan will try to keep the connection a secret, but he also finds time for romance.[29]

Ethan meets Brad Willis (Kip Gamblin) when he comes looking for his daughter, who was adopted. Ethan listens to Brad's story and then tells him that he must have got the wrong Smiths, as he was an only child. Brad leaves his business card with Ethan and when he has gone, Ethan makes a phone call to his sister Paige (Olympia Valance), telling her that her biological parents have tracked her down. After Paige goes to Erinsborough to see her parents, she calls Ethan to inform him of her progress. Ethan comes to Erinsborough as he is worried about Paige. Paige tells her brother about her family and Ethan encourages her to come clean.

Ethan meets Imogen Willis (Ariel Kaplan) and is attracted to her, but Paige warns him off. Ethan flirts with Imogen at a party and she kisses him. They exchange numbers and Imogen later skips school to meet up with Ethan, causing her to lose her school captaincy. Brad comes looking for Ethan and he hides from him. Ethan tries again to get Paige to tell her family the truth about her identity. However, Paige urges him to go home as his presence is risking her secret. Ethan says goodbye to Imogen, before he leaves. A few weeks later, Ethan returns to Erinsborough when Paige begins investigating Kathy Carpenter (Tina Bursill), Lauren's mother. Seeing that she is becoming obsessive, Ethan encourages her to come and live with him in Ibiza for a year to consider her options. She declines, and he leaves for Ibiza.

Paige Smith[edit]

Paige Smith
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Olympia Valance
Duration 2014–
First appearance 2 June 2014
Introduced by Jason Herbison
Classification Current; regular
Aliases Paige Novak
Occupation Waitress
Home 32 Ramsay Street

Paige Smith (previously Novak), played by Olympia Valance, made her first screen appearance on 2 June 2014.[30] The character and casting was announced on 9 March 2014.[30] Valance is the half-sister of Holly Valance who previously appeared in Neighbours as Felicity Scully.[30] Paige marks Valance's first acting role and she won the part after a lengthy audition process, which included three call-backs.[30] The actress commented "It has been really nice going to Neighbours and having people knowing and loving Holly which has made me feel very comfortable about being there."[30] Valance described her character as being "cool and sexy and a bit edgy". She thought viewers would love Paige, especially as she is not mean.[30] Series producer Jason Herbison thought Valance was "the perfect fit for Paige" and called the character "fiery".[30] He added that she would arrive with a secret.[30]

Paige was later revealed to be the daughter of Lauren Carpenter (Kate Kendall) and Brad Willis (Kip Gamblin).[31] When Paige learned that her biological parents were looking for her from her brother, her curiosity was piqued and she decided to go to Erinsborough to learn more about them. Paige initially decided to keep her identity a secret and managed to get a job at Lauren's coffee shop.[31] Valance explained that Paige and Lauren developed a connection straight away and make a good impression on each other.[31] She added, "There's a lot of bravado with Paige, but underneath it all she is frightened about what she may learn. She's scared Lauren and Brad won't accept her as their daughter."[31]

After learning that her biological parents have come looking for her, Paige follows them back to Erinsborough. She checks in at Lassiter's Hotel under the surname Novak. She then meets her mother, Lauren, at her coffee shop and impresses her by helping out with a customer, but puts her half-sister, Amber (Jenna Rosenow), offside when she flirts with her boyfriend Josh (Harley Bonner). Lauren offers Paige a job at the coffee shop. Paige meets her father Brad Willis at the local gym. Paige is disappointed to learn that Brad and Lauren are no longer together. She also learns Josh is her half-brother and stops flirting with him. Paige is saddened when Lauren tells her she has given up searching for her daughter. She later tells her brother, Ethan (Matthew Little), that she intends to stay on longer to get to know her parents. When Brad and Lauren's respective spouses, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Matt (Josef Brown), become suspicious of her, Paige tells them to mind their own business. Paige moves in with Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) on Ramsay Street. Paige sees her half-brother, Bailey (Calen Mackenzie), taking money from the till at Harold's, but does not say anything. When Lauren asks Paige about the missing money, Paige does not give her an explanation and Lauren fires her. She later offers Paige her job back. When Paige feels Lauren has rejected her again, she trashes Harold's Store in anger. Ethan arrives in Erinsborough and encourages Paige to tell her family who she is. When Paige notices Ethan is attracted to her half-sister Imogen (Ariel Kaplan), she warns him off.

Paige notices Amber and Daniel's connection, and kisses Daniel to prove it. He rejects her and she vows to tell Josh about Amber and Daniel. She changes her mind and tells Amber and Josh to make more of an effort with each other. Paige asks Ethan to leave when his presence risks her secret. Paige decides to confess all to Lauren, but changes her mind when she hears Lauren saying that she wants to forget about her missing daughter. Paige learns from Bailey that his grandmother, Kathy (Tina Bursill), had Lauren's daughter adopted, after telling Lauren that her daughter was dead. Paige decides to get revenge on Kathy, and when she comes to town, Paige gets on Kathy's good side by showing an interest in her homeware business. Paige learns Kathy is trying to find her granddaughter and tries to talk her out it. She also learns that Kathy has a heart condition. Kathy believes she has found her granddaughter and meets with a girl from Canberra, who Paige manages to scare off. When Kathy warns Paige that she is getting too close to Lauren, Paige takes Kathy's medication. Kathy later invites Paige to visit a supplier with her, and while Paige is getting them coffee, Kathy goes through her bag and finds Paige's sketchpad which contains drawings of the Turners and Willises. Kathy realises Paige is her granddaughter and during the confrontation, Kathy has a heart attack and hits Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) with her car. Paige loosens Kathy's scarf when it gets caught in the door and they are taken to the hospital. Paige has minor injuries and is questioned by Matt as to why Kathy's medication was in her bag. Paige decides to return to Adelaide and leaves her childhood bear at Number 32. Lauren manages to catch up with Paige, finally knowing the truth, and Paige admits that she was scared to tell Lauren the truth, in case Lauren hated her. Lauren and Paige then go to see Brad. They are interrupted by Matt and Terese, who has a go at Paige, causing her to return to Number 24. Amber discovers Paige's sketch book, which is full unflattering description about her family, and shows it to Imogen and Josh; although Imogen reacts with anger, Josh is willing to forgive Paige until he discovers she was aware of Amber and Daniel's feelings for each other before he discovered their affair. Brad asks Paige to take a DNA test, and she strikes up a bond with Lauren over their art. Matt questions Paige about the night Harold's Store was trashed and she admits that she did it. When Terese learns about Paige's criminal record, she refuses to drop the charges against her, but she later changes her mind.

Paige's friendship with Mark grows and they develop feelings for each other. They agree to have dinner together one night, but Mark fails to appear, due to his conflicted feelings about moving on from his ex-girlfriend Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer), who was murdered earlier in the year. Paige confronts Mark on his actions, and although he is first unwilling to talk, they have sex. Kate's uncle Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) objects to Mark moving on so fast, and Paige suggests to Mark that they should just be friends. However, when a tornado hits Erinsborough, they reconcile their romance when he comforts her over her fear of storms. Mark and Paige agree to go on a proper date, but when Paige buys a dress which, unbeknown to her, once belonged to Kate, Mark becomes angry and tells her to leave. The following morning, Mark sees Paige being kissed by a stranger and thinks he has lost her, but she assures him that she did not kiss the guy back and they reconcile. Paige supports Josh when he confesses to punching Chris Pappas (James Mason) and putting him in a coma, leading Terese to increase her respect for her. Paige sees Dakota Davies (Sheree Murphy) kissing Mark and pours a drink over Dakota's laptop, warning her to stay away from her boyfriend. Mark confronts Paige and asks her to trust him. He later tells her that he was working with the police to catch Dakota, but Paige decides that they should break up. Terese invites Paige to live with her family, but she later changes her mind and Paige moves in with Lauren and Matt.

Nate Kinski[edit]

Nate Kinski
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Meyne Wyatt
First appearance 18 August 2014
Introduced by Jason Herbison
Classification Current; regular
Occupation Former soldier
Home 28 Ramsay Street

Nathaniel "Nate" Kinski,[33] played by Meyne Wyatt, made his first screen appearance on 18 August 2014.[34] The character and Wyatt's casting was announced on 20 July 2014. The actor relocated to Melbourne where Neighbours is filmed and he shot his first scenes two and a half months prior to his casting announcement.[35][36] Wyatt is the first indigenous actor to join the regular cast of the show since it began in 1985.[35] Executive producer Jason Herbison told Elissa Blake from The Sydney Morning Herald that the decision to cast an indigenous actor was "unintentional" and that Wyatt was the best actor for the role.[35] His casting came shortly after a Fairfax Media report where indigenous actors called the Australian television industry "whitebread" and asked for casting calls to be "colour-blind".[35] Herbison said "[The role] was not written as an Aboriginal character, however as the character is not a blood relative of existing characters, there were no ethnicity limitations. We could craft the character's background story if necessary to suit the actor cast in the role."[35]

Nate is the nephew of Alex Kinski (Andrew Clarke) and cousins with Zeke (Matthew Werkmeister), Rachel (Caitlin Stasey) and Katya Kinski (Dichen Lachman).[37] He is "loosely linked" to Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), as Susan is the widow of Alex.[35] Nate moved in with Karl and Susan after his arrival. A writer for TV Week commented that Nate "sounds just as complicated and confusing as that family history!"[37] Meyne said his character would be "misunderstood at times, but his heart is in the right place."[37] The actor also said that Nate's behaviour would be weird, but the audience would find out why as part of a challenging storyline.[37] A Channel 5 reporter added that Nate would develop a romance with one of Ramsay Street's established residents.[38] It was later confirmed that Nate's love interest would be Chris Pappas (James Mason).[39] In September 2014, Anthony D. Langford from liked that Nate's backstory was not dragged out and he commented, "I do love that Nate is not your average gay character and I'm really looking forward to the story as it unfolds."[40]

Nate comes to Erinsborough to attend a friend's funeral. He stays with his uncle's widow Susan Kennedy. While passing through the Lassiter's complex, Nate stops Bossy from running off. Naomi Canning (Morgana O'Reilly) notices that Nate is interested in Chris Pappas and gets them to talk. Nate turns down Chris's offer of a drink, but later changes his mind. Nate meets Susan and her husband Karl, and they take him out to lunch, where Nate appears to be on edge. Chris invites Nate on a picnic with some friends. When a drunk guy tries to take Paige Smith's (Olympia Valance) racket, Nate forcibly tackles him to the ground. When Chris questions his actions, Nate does not think he has done anything wrong. Chris later asks Nate out on another date, which goes well. Karl and Susan question Nate about a knife they found in his bag. He initially refuses to tell them about it and he leaves. Nate runs into Chris at The Waterhole and they have their first kiss. Chris encourages Nate to speak to Susan and Karl, and he explains that the knife is a souvenir from his time in the army. After a tornado hits Erinsborough, Nate recognises that Susan is in shock after she had to perform an emergency tracheotomy on her friend Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver). Nate counsels Susan through her trauma, relating to his experiences in Afghanistan. Seeing how well Nate dealt with Susan, Chris asks Nate to open up to him about his time in Afghanistan, but Nate refuses and he aggressively pushes Chris up against a wall. Nate addresses students at the high school about his time in Afghanistan, but the pressure becomes too much and he breaks down during a story about rescuing injured children. Susan suspects that Nate is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

Mark learns that Nate has been convicted of a serious assault since being discharged from the army, and tells Chris, and when Chris confronts him Nate again does not want to talk about it and leaves Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) and Georgia Brooks' (Saskia Hampele) bucks and hen night early. He returns to make amends and defends Chris when a drunken Josh Willis (Harley Bonner) confronts him over kicking him out of the party, but Chris tells him to leave again. Chris is later attacked and badly injured, leading Kyle to accuse Nate of being responsible. Josh Willis confesses, and Kyle apologises to Nate, who struggles to support Chris as he does not know him as well as Kyle and Georgia. Nate is tempted to harm Josh for what he did to Chris, but decides not to. Nate struggles with Chris's slow recovery and with meeting Chris's mother, Patricia (Katerina Kotsonis), for the first time. After Chris questions Nate's dedication to him, Nate becomes angry and lashes out at Susan. He apologises and explains that he feels guilty about the death of a little girl he befriended in Afghanistan. When he gets upset, all the events from his past build up and he snaps. Susan vows to counsel him herself.

Dakota Davies[edit]

Dakota Davies
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Sheree Murphy
First appearance 19 September 2014
Last appearance 14 October 2014
Introduced by Jason Herbison
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Businesswoman

Dakota Davies, played by Sheree Murphy, made her first screen appearance on 19 September 2014.[41] The character and Murphy's casting was announced on 16 June 2014.[42] The actress has previously appeared on two British soap operas and commented that she was "excited" to be returning to work.[42] Murphy said, "It's just kicked in that it's actually happening. I'm going back to work. The kids don't remember me on Emmerdale, so they're excited about seeing mummy on TV. The last thing I did was Hollyoaks and I was really nervous. I feel a bit like that on Neighbours, not necessarily because they watch English soaps but more because it's, 'Oh, that's Harry Kewell's wife - what's she doing?'"[42] Murphy also said that she had watched Neighbours since the beginning and was very happy to be part of the cast, calling it "unbelievable."[43] Murphy spent six weeks filming the recurring role.[44] Murphy later said she would be open to a longer stint with Neighbours, as she and her husband were thinking of moving to Australia permanently.[45]

Dakota is a British businesswoman and a former partner of one of the show's regular male characters.[43] Sophie Dainty from Digital Spy added that Dakota has not fully recovered from their break-up.[43] It was later revealed that Dakota has a history with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). Murphy also said that Dakota would have a fling with another character during her time in Erinsborough.[46] The actress described her character as being worldly, "strong-willed" and "one of these characters where if she sees something she likes, she will just go for it – she doesn't care."[46] Murphy added that she liked playing someone different from herself.[46] Melissa Field from TV Week enjoyed seeing Murphy on Neighbours and branded her character "fiery".[47]

After arriving in Erinsborough, Dakota goes to The Waterhole where she slaps and kisses Paul Robinson. When Paul catches up with Dakota, he explains that a brain tumour affected his memory and he is not sure who she is. They bond when she explains their past; he abandoned her in South America, and when his deputy, Carlos, took over the business, Dakota entered a romantic relationship with him. However, he was involved in dodgy deals and when Dakota accidentally gave information to the authorities, she fled the area, fearful of Carlos' reaction. Paul offers her a room at the Lassiter's Hotel, and she phones Carlos, revealing that she has returned to scam Paul into buying them a bar. Although initially having his doubts, Paul agrees, eager to impress her. She bumps into Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) in the Waterhole and flirts with him. Paul shows Dakota the location for the bar at a disused radio station, and she decides that she wants to employ his nephew, Daniel (Tim Phillipps) to work in the bar. Dakota uses the bar as a front for a diamond smuggling ring. The diamonds are hidden in shipments of coffee beans, which Dakota puts in Daniel's name. She continues to flirt with Brennan and later kisses him, which angers his girlfriend, Paige (Olympia Valance), who then tips a drinks over Dakota's laptop. Paul also becomes jealous of Dakota flirting with Brennan. Dakota assures Paul that she is only interested in him. When a new shipment of diamonds come in, Dakota asks Paul to sign for them, after Daniel is arrested for jay walking. Dakota learns that Brennan used to be a detective and she tells Paul not to worry about the shipment. The police launch a sting operation and find the diamonds, while Dakota disappears. She later returns to blackmail Paul into giving her $10,000 to leave the country.

Rain Taylor[edit]

Rain Taylor, played by Airlie Dodds, will make her first screen appearance on 29 October 2014.[48][49] Dodds's casting was announced on 20 October 2014 and the role marks her television debut.[49] The character has been previously mentioned on-screen, as Rain is Daniel Robinson's (Tim Phillipps) ex-girlfriend.[49] Following her arrival in Erinsborough, Rain will cause trouble for Daniel and his fiancée Amber Turner (Jenna Rosenow).[49] Of Rain, Dodds stated "She is a shades of grey character because some of her actions are quite justified, but then others are so wrong. There is spookiness about her which makes playing her a lot of fun as well."[49]

Gary Canning[edit]

Gary Canning, played by Damien Richardson,[50] will make his first screen appearance in 2014. The character and casting was announced on 15 October 2014.[51] Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy reported that the character's guest stint had already been filmed.[51] Gary is the estranged father of Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan). He has not seen his son for sixteen years, having walked out on him when he was eight years old. Milligan commented that Kyle is unsure whether "to hit him or hug him" when they are reunited.[51] He explained, "Kyle has really wanted his dad to come back and be part of his life for so long, but when he does, he doesn't know how he is feeling or how to react with his emotions. It's going to be a bit of a shake-up, but hopefully it works out for them!"[51] Gary will also be reunited with his mother Sheila (Colette Mann) and his sister Naomi (Morgana O'Reilly).[51] Milligan called the upcoming episodes featuring Gary "very interesting" and added that Richardson was "so funny and with the way that he portrays Kyle's dad, you can really tell where Kyle gets his bogan and larrikin attitude from!"[51]


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
6 January Juston Cicero Nic Romney[52] Justin is a paramedic who attends to Georgia Brooks, after she suffers a head injury and gas inhalation.
9 January Nigel Sheppard Sean Ladhams[53] Nigel is the head of acquisitions for the Quill Hotel Group. He and Paul Robinson negotiate a deal for Lassiter's Hotel to join the group.
14 January Louise Flannagan Samantha Lavale[54] Louise spots up-and-coming swimmer Joshua Willis in the park and asks for a picture. She also gives Josh her phone number and tells him to call her.
15 January Sylvie Johns Camille Edwards[55] Sylvie tells Karl Kennedy that she is not going to vote for him in the mayoral election out of concern for his wife, who has multiple sclerosis.
Nora Evans Ali Ryrie-Golding[56] Nora photographs Joshua Willis for a jewellery line that he is endorsing.
21 January Dale Lancer Nick Backstrom[57] Dale is a representative from a business looking to host a conference at Lassiter's Hotel. He decides to award the account to a rival hotel group.
22 January–3 February Isaac Woods Josh Burton[58] Isaac asks to borrow a law book from Imogen Willis, who later finds that he is squatting at Number 24. Imogen befriends Isaac and brings him food. Imogen invites Isaac on a camping trip, but makes it clear nothing will happen between them. Isaac is later arrested for selling off the furniture in Number 24. He does not think it is a big deal and insults Imogen, saying he should not have gotten involved with a school girl.
23 January Nicole Livingstone Herself[59] Nicole interviews Joshua Willis after he competes for a spot in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
28 January Love Your Sister Samuel Johnson[60] The Love Your Sister campaign visits the Lassiter's Complex to raise awareness of breast cancer.
Connie Johnson[60]
28 January Bevan Lockwood Michael Davoren[60] Bevan is a letting agent, who shows a couple around Number 24.
6 February Dr Anthony Croker Philip Hayden[61] Brad Willis contacts Dr Anthony, a specialist sports surgeon, to operate on his son Josh's injured shoulder. Following the surgery, Dr Anthony breaks the news that tears to Josh's rotator cuff were deeper than he first thought and Josh will not be able to compete at the top level of swimming.
7 February James Spector Robin Darch[62] While he is in Charlie's, James tries flirting with Kate Ramsay and offers to buy her a drink. She tells him she is not interested and Mark Brennan chases James off.
Wendy Barkley Danielle Butlin[63] Wendy is a receptionist at Lassiter's Hotel, who tells hotel manager, Terese Willis, that Mason Turner has not shown up for work.
26 February–6 March Kirk Porter Michael Kirwan[64] While he is at the gym, Kirk notices Joshua Willis having problems with his injured shoulder. He tells Josh that he needs something stronger than the painkillers he is on and offers to get him something stronger. Kirk later offers Josh some more pills, telling him the come down will be bad. After initially declining, Josh accepts when the pain in his shoulder gets worse.
26 February Jed Burger Luke D'Emanuele[65] Jed enquires after buying half a car from Mason Turner. When he learns that he would be sharing it with a girl, Jed seems keen. But Mason then tells him the car is no longer for sale.
3 March–25 April Stephen Montague Damian Hill[66] Montague is Danni Ferguson's abusive ex-boyfriend, who tries to kidnap her. Mark Brennan tackles Montague, while Kyle Canning saves Danni. Montague is then arrested by the police. Montague returns and breaks into Number 24 to find Danni. He tries to attack Chris Pappas, before escaping. Montague sends Mark a threatening text and drives by Kyle's yard. He later appears in the Lassiter's Complex and Chris gives chase, before he is knocked out. When Mark's fiancée, Kate, dies after being shot, the police and Mark suspect Montague killed her. Montague breaks into Number 24 again and holds Mark and Imogen Willis hostage. After Mark tackles him, Montague escapes and goes into Number 32's backyard, where he holds Callum Jones hostage in the shed. Callum convinces Montague to go to Number 30, where he hits him over the head and escapes. Montague is then arrested, but he denies shooting Kate and the police confirm he has an alibi.
4 March Susanna Toms Emily Buxton-D'Arcy[67] Susanna teaches a yoga class at Dingoes Gym, which is attended by Georgia Brooks and Kate Ramsay.
5 March Reno Cardillo Robert Rokosi[68] Reno teaches a salsa class at the Community Centre and dances with Terese Willis.
11 March Billie Tyler Tamzen Hayes[69] Billie brings her son Alex to the hospital when he develops a rash. Nurse Georgia Brooks takes care of them.
Baby Alex Tyler Otis Roberts[69]
13 March Sam Maxwell Peter Verheyen[70] Nurse Georgia Brooks tells the Maxwells to go home and get some rest, after their daughter is admitted. They thank Georgia for her help.
Felicity Maxwell Alexandra McTavish[70]
26 March Aaron Fleming Marc Mulcahey[71] Aaron meets with Kyle Canning at his yard to discuss building materials for a project. Aaron likes Kyle and Georgia Brooks catches him checking Kyle out. She later poses as Kyle's girlfriend to put Aaron off.
31 March–1 April Talia Maslin Ella Cannon[72] Talia is Toadfish Rebecchi's assistant. Talia visits Toadie's wife, Sonya, to drop off some files and she lets slip that Toadie has been talking to her about his martial problems. Sonya confronts Talia when she finds a sexy picture of her in Toadie's files. Talia calls Sonya paranoid and Sonya fires her. Talia tells Callum Jones that the picture was meant for her boyfriend. Sonya apologises, but Talia explains that she has found another job.
3 April Lisa Tucker Millie Samuels[73] Lauren Carpenter and Brad Willis fly Lisa to Erinsborough, as they believe she is their adopted daughter. Lisa gets on well with Brad and Lauren's families, but Brad's wife, Terese, suspects Lisa is lying when she forgets how long her adoptive parents have been dead for. Lisa later admits that she lied, because her father is in prison and her mother wants nothing to do with her. After a blood typing test, Lisa learns that Brad and Lauren are not her biological parents.
7 April–17 June Victor Cleary Richard Sutherland[74] On the day Kate Ramsay is shot, Victor watches Chris Pappas chase after Stephen Montague, before getting up from his table at Harold's Store. Months later, while reviewing CCTV footage from his builders yard, Kyle Canning sees Victor hiding something in his mulch. Holly Hoyland identifies Victor as a friend of her mother and it emerges he is Gus Cleary's brother. Paul meets with Victor, who explains that he was waiting for Gus to testify in court for him, but Gus never showed up thanks to Paul and Victor was sent to jail. Paul tries to give Victor money, but he refuses to take it and then taunts him about Kate. Paul pulls out a gun, but the police arrive and arrest Victor. He confesses to killing Kate and apologises to Mark Brennan, Kate's fiancée. He also tells him to make sure Paul suffers for what he did to his brother.
10 April Dave Reilly Lucas Linehan[75] Dave is a builder working on the refurbishment on Charlie's. When Paul Robinson asks who authorised the work, Dave inadvertently insults him.
14 April Guillermo Ibáñez John Burgos[76] Guillermo and Mirelle meet with lawyer Toadfish Rebecchi and Naomi Canning to discuss and finalise a deal. Guillermo and Mirelle argue, but Guillermo later explains that Mirelle was nagging him about his diet.
Mariana Ibáñez Mirelle Vidal[76]
15 April Tim Miller Jack Osbourne[77] Tim meets with Zeke Kinski at the Lassiter's Complex, but when they are spotted by Karl and Susan Kennedy, Tim leaves.
16 April Victoria Elmahdi Sophia Emberson-Bain[78] Victoria is Zeke Kinski's fiancée. She arrives in Erinsborough to meet with Zeke's step-parents Karl and Susan Kennedy. Victoria and Zeke then get married that same day.
Wayne Foster Daniel Humphris[79] Wayne is a marriage celebrant, who marries Zeke Kinski and Victoria Elmahdi. He mispronounces Zeke's name several times during the ceremony.
21 April–5 May Rick Blaine James Harvy[80] Rick is a photographer, who employs Amber Turner as an intern. He reprimands her for not charging the batteries in a camera, but is impressed with her alternative suggestion for the shoot. He later offers her a job, saying she has potential. Rick is the official photographer for the reopening of The Waterhole and he shouts at a confused Doug Willis, when he gets in the way. Amber quits her job when Rick is rude to Nell Rebecchi and her family.
29 April Norm Symonds Adam McConvell[81] Norm comes to Ramsay Street to find Naomi Canning, on behalf of the wife of Naomi's lover, who wants a painting she has returned. After Norm forces his way into Naomi's home, Sheila Canning kicks him and sends him away.
29 April–6 May Tracey Wong Aileen Huynh[82] Tracy is a private investigator hired by Paul Robinson to look into Kate Ramsay's death. Tracey later finds that Sienna Matthews was in the hotel minutes before Kate was shot. Brad Willis hires Tracey to find his daughter.
12 May Polly Tranner Michelle O'Grady[83] Polly comes to Erinsborough to retrieve a painting that her husband Charles gave to his lover Naomi Canning. Polly berates Naomi over her affair and they end up in a scrag fight. Naomi's mother, Sheila, breaks them up, but when Polly insults Naomi, she pushed Polly to the ground and encourages her daughter to fight her. The police then break up the fight.
14–15 May Charles Tranner David Whiteley[14] Charles comes to Erinsborough to see his lover Naomi Canning. When Charles insults Naomi's mother Sheila, she throws a drink at him. Naomi asks Charles to sign a document saying he gave her an expensive painting, which his wife, Polly wants back. Charles later flirts with Georgia Brooks, leading Naomi to realise that he will not sign her document. She gets her lawyer, Toadfish Rebecchi, involved and he threatens to take the matter to court. Charles gets Polly to drop the charges against Naomi, in return for the painting.
16 May– Bryce Bukowski Keith Purcell[84] Bryce joins some of the Erinsborough High students planting trees at the school. Bryce watches on as an argument breaks out between Josie Mackay and his friend Jayden Warley. Jayden later challenges Bailey Turner to a fight, but Bailey manages to bribe him, Bryce and their friends with alcohol. Bryce later taunts Bailey over his attempts to fight Jayden. While walking through the Lassiter's complex, following a tornado, Bryce throws an empty can on the floor and is ordered to pick it up by Paul Robinson.
28 May James Bunkum Johnny McNamara[85] James goes on a date with Naomi Canning, which turns into a double date with Sonya and Toadfish Rebecchi. Sonya argues with James about his environmental issues and he insults her, Naomi and Sheila.
4 June Karina Purcell Tessa Donnithorne[86] Karina tells Bailey Turner that Jayden Warley is being unfair on him and gives him her number, so they can talk. When they later meet up, Karina praises Bailey and then asks him to bring some alcohol to a gathering, making him realise she is using him.
5–6 June Honor Taylor Ann Truong[87] Mark Brennan notices Honor struggling to fix her shoe in Harold's Store, and offers to fix it for her. They flirt and talk about Doctor Who, before Mark suddenly leaves the store.
16 June Kev McNally Troy Davis[88] Kev sells Paul Robinson a gun.
19–30 June Lee Barnes James O'Connell[89] Lee accepts $500 from Naomi Canning to break into her house and act as her stalker. Lee loses his hat during his escape and is chased by Toadfish Rebecchi. Lee later returns for his money and increases his price to $5000 when he learns the police are involved. Naomi struggles to get the money and gives Lee the keys to a car, so he can steal it. Naomi later meets with Lee and blackmails him into forgetting her debt with photos of him taking the car.
20 June Mike Enekwe Idelson Mabjaia[90] Mike notices Imogen Willis in The Waterhole and asks her to play pool with him. They are later told off by bar manager Sheila Canning for kissing.
3 July Ricky Masters Patrick Williams[91] While inspecting his gym, Ricky tells his manager, Brad Willis, that the books are not up to date. He then notices Brad's son Josh and Paige Smith mucking around and is not pleased. After learning that Brad has been running yoga classes on the side, Ricky fires Brad for breaching his contract.
3 July– Belinda Long Katrina Gow[92] Belinda is a councillor, who meets with Terese Willis to discuss an application to extend Lassiter's trading hours. Belinda later informs Paul Robinson that a complaint has been made against him.
17 July– Hayley Hahn Lucy Barrett[93] Hayley is an Erinsborough High student. She develops a crush on new teacher Brad Willis. She later mocks Principal Susan Kennedy about her husband's erotic novel.
17 July– Alice Azikiwe Vivienne Awosoga[94] Alice is Bailey Turner's rival for NASA space camp. Alice and Bailey compete to become president of the school's astronomy club. When Alice recruits more students and gets them to sign a proxy that means they vote for her, Bailey sets up a rival club. Alice gets Bailey's sister, Amber, to take her picture for her space camp application and Bailey does the same. However, he later learns that Alice set him up and did not send a picture after all. Both Alice and Bailey reach the interview stage. While helping to clear up after a tornado, Alice taunts Bailey about space camp, but Bailey tells her he is more focused on his family, who are going through a tough time. Alice later gives Bailey a copy of The Art of War to cheer him up and they kiss. Alice and Bailey begin dating, and Bailey is tempted to give up his space camp dream for her, until Alice tells him not. Alice gets into space camp and she admits that while she is happy, she also feels bad that Bailey did not get in. They both agree to deal with their issues the best they can.
29 July Megan Dennison Stefanie Jones[95] Megan arrives from Canberra to meet with Kathy Carpenter, who believes she is the granddaughter she put up for adoption. Paige Smith introduces herself to Megan and takes her outside to talk. Megan then leaves and sends Kathy a text to say it was all a mistake.
30 July Kalika De Silva Tarah Carey[96] Kalika is a vet who treats Bossy after she is bitten by a tiger snake.
19 August Stu Brown Matt Burn[97] Stu asks to join in a game of totem tennis and then tries to take Paige Smith's racket, leading Nate Kinski to tackle him to the ground.
27 August– Alan Haywood Paul Roberts[98] Alan arranges to meet Sheila Canning at a wine and cheese tasting event, after meeting on an online dating site. Sheila's nerves cause her to become clumsy and when she knocks over a leaflet stand, Alan takes the blame for her. He and Sheila arrange a second date. Sheila cooks for Alan and he meets her daughter, Naomi, who he kisses on the lips when he leaves. Alan later tells Sheila that he is bisexual and she breaks up with him.
1 September Johanna Mayberry Elmira Jurik[99] Johanna is a Channel 12 news reporter, who warns viewers that a large storm is heading towards Erinsborough.
2 September Bar Man Stephen Hawkins[100] The bar man stays at The Waterhole during the tornado and brings towels for Georgia Brooks when she turns up.
11 September Party Pablo Pyke Byron Adu[101] Pablo drives Paige Smith home to Ramsay Street and he kisses her, before she goes home.
22 September Zayn Robertson Travis Khan[102] Zayn and Lexi are strippers hired for Georgia Brooks and Kyle Canning's hen and bucks parties, who initially go to the wrong addresses.
Lexi Stringer Bridget Bailey[103]
Tony Ronson John Van Putten[103] Tony notices Chris Pappas and Josh Willis arguing outside The Waterhole and tells Chris to let Josh back inside. Chris and Nate Kinski tell him to move on, and Tony calls Chris a loser.
30 September– Greta Jackson Alexis Porter[104] Greta is Mark Brennan's former witness protection handler and a federal agent. Mark contacts Greta about Dakota Davis, after he becomes suspicious about her. Greta informs Mark that Dakota is definitely up to something illegal and asks him to get closer to her.
2 October– Layla Azikiwe Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen[105] When Layla comes to the Turner's to picks up her granddaughter, Alice, she meets Lou Carpenter, who she recognises as being E. M. Williams, an erotic novel writer. Layla admits to Lou that his first book changed her life.
6 October Sharon Canning Natasha Herbert[106] Sharon is Kyle Canning's mother, who comes to Erinsborough for his wedding to Georgia Brooks. After talking to Matt Turner about her relationship troubles, Sharon puts her hotel key in his pocket and tells him she is leaving the following day.
6 October Rhonda Brooks Kim Denman[107] Patto and Rhonda come to Erinsborough for their daughter, Georgia's wedding.
Patto Brooks Aston Elliot[107]
17 October– Gretchen Kruger Elissa Elliott[108] Gretchen is a potential client of Toadfish Rebecchi's law firm. Imogen Willis directs her to Toadie's house, and Gretchen walks in on him and his wife, Sonya, in the nude. They apologise, but Gretchen tells them that she is a naturist too and invites them to dinner. Gretchen later returns with her husband, Niklas, for a naked lunch. When Toadie admits that he and Sonya are not really naturists, Gretchen is impressed with the lengths they went to to secure the contract and she and Niklas give it to them.
24 October Niklas Kruger Frank Handrum[109] Niklas accompanies his wife, Gretchen, to a business lunch at Sonya and Toadfish Rebecchi's house. He later asks them if they would like to go on holiday to a naturist resort with them, but Toadie and Sonya turn the offer down.


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