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Daniel Sherman
Birth name Daniel Thomas Nestor Sherman[1]
Labels Aerostorm Music Group, The Flames
Associated acts Neve, Lisa Scott-Lee

Daniel Thomas Nestor Sherman[1] is a British songwriter, record producer and publisher, who is based in London. He was a member of Neve,[1] who had a #70 hit with a version of Y-Traxx's Mystery Land[2] and co-wrote the Lisa Scott-Lee songs Lately[3] and Too Far Gone,[4] which made #6[5] and #11[5] on the UK Singles Chart respectively.

He is the owner of the company Aerostorm Music Group[6] which he runs as a writing and production company, and Aerostorm also functions as an MCPS/PRS registered publishing company. As well as Aerostorm he also co owns and runs the writing production company The Flames[7] with his regular writing/producing partner Andy Gilbert.[8] As The Flames they write and produce records for artists from all over the world and are also heavily involved in discovering and developing new young talent, which they then write and produce records for. And in joint ventures with several management companies they facilitate getting their acts into recording deals.


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