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Daniel Tillett is a scientist working in the area of genomics, bioinformatics and DNA sequencing. In 1999 he, together with Paul Marsh, founded Nucleics Pty Ltd.,[1][2] an Australian biotechnology company located at LaTrobe University. Nucleics Pty Ltd. have filed 7 patents in Australia all of which are noted as lapsed.[3]

Daniel Tillett is the inventor of ASIN DNA amplification method, the UniSeq primer walking approach, the CounterTrace DNA sequencing software, the LongTrace DNA sequencing improvement software, the PeakTrace DNA sequencing improvement software, the QualTrace DNA sequencing QC software, and the dLUTE SEQ and dLUTE SEQ CF sequencing reagents.

He is currently a Senior Lecturer at LaTrobe University and CEO of Nucleics.


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