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Daniel Wheeler (1771–1840) was a Quaker.


Daniel Wheeler, British Quaker, minister, teacher and missionary in Russia and the South Pacific.

  • 1771 Born November 27, 1771 to William and Sarah Wheeler in London, England
  • 1777 His father William Wheeler dies.
  • 1783 Midshipman, Royal Navy. Mother Sarah Wheeler passes away.
  • 1781 -1796 Served in army
  • 1790 Joined Quakers
  • 1796 Settled in Handsworth Woodhouse near Sheffield, began in seed trade
  • 1798 Received as a member of the Quakers
  • 1809 Moved to a country farm with sister's family
  • 1816 Accepted as Quaker minister
  • 1817 Met with Russian Czar Alexander I and became manager of imperial farms at Ohkta near St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 1818 June 22, 1818 moved 20 members of his family and others to his farm at Shoosharry, Russia (Shushari)
  • 1818 - 1828, Ohkta and Shoosharry farms, 3,000 acres (12 km2) of swamp drained and became model farms.
  • 1828 - 1831 Visited England: made missionary voyage in Polynesia and Australasia
  • 1831 Returned to Shoosharry (Shushari, Russia) where 500 employees worked under supervision of his son William.
  • 1833 - 1838 Missionary tour in North America
  • 1840 Died June 12, 1840 in New York after illness during the sea voyage to America. Buried in Friend's cemetery on Orchard St. New York
  • 1835 - 1839 Letters Journals published
  • 1842 Memoirs published by his son

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