Daniele Gilardoni

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Daniele Gilardoni
Medal record
Men's Rowing
Competitor for  Italy
World Championships
Gold 1999 St. Catharines LM4x
Gold 2001 Lucerne LM4x
Gold 2002 Seville LM4x
Gold 2003 Milan LM4x
Gold 2004 Banyoles LM4x
Gold 2005 Gifu LM4x
Gold 2006 Eton LM4x
Gold 2007 Munich LM4x
Gold 2008 Ottensheim LM4x
Gold 2009 Poznan LM4x
Gold 2011 Bled LM4x
Silver 2000 Zagreb LM4x
Bronze 1998 Cologne LM8+
European Championships
Silver 2008 Athens LM2x

Daniele Gilardoni (born April 1, 1976 in Bellagio) is an Italian lightweight rower. He is rated among the Top 10 male rowers active in 2008[1] He won 11 world rowing championships. Now is the manager of Italians Rowing Colleges ("College Remiero Pavia" and "College Remiero Ferrara").


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