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For the village in Iran, see Danik, Iran.
SOLUS 9.jpg
Danik in ascended form
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Chronicles #1
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Danik
Species Fully Ascended Atlantean
Team affiliations Atlantis
Abilities Ultra High-Level Cosmic Energy Manipulator

Danik is a character in the Crossgen universe. Found in the books The First, Crux, Sigil, Solus, and Negation: War, Danik is a Transitioned Atlantean who has split off from himself Avatars (or aspects of himself) to watch over and mentor several sentient beings throughout our universe and others.


Danik of Atlantis - (Crux/Solus) Born in the city-state of Atlantis on the planet Earth over 100,000 years ago, he was a student of the Spirit, one of five disciplines practiced by Atlanteans. Danik was mentored by Amatus, whom he saved from a mind virus by taking the virus into himself and destroying it. Danik is considered as having the strongest mind in Atlantis. He was a great proponent of transition, an act that would take all who go to a godlike state, an idea brought to knowledge from a dream had by Dienara and further brought into fruition and organized by Chaund, her husband. (Solus #7) They mistakenly assumed that to become more godlike, they must rid themselves of all feeling and emotion. Most of Atlantis followed, but 1,140 remained to mentor the human race; they entered stasis tubes below the city, in case of any powerful backlash of energy during transition. One of Danik's best friends, Capricia, stayed behind.


Solusandra an Atlantean who was powerful even before transition, followed Chaund and Dienara in Transition but did not agree to discard her emotions. Danik greatly disagreed with this and worried it would taint their Transition, but Solusandra was right. Some time after Transition, the other Transitioned Atlanteans saw Solusandra as a threat and wiped her mind causing her to become childlike and Danik was sent to watch over her. Danik learned that Solusandra was the only one to Transition correctly.

Aspects of Danik[edit]

Note: Although each aspect represents a part of Danik's whole and is fundamentally Danik (as seen in Negation #27 with the Kidd reverting back) each aspect has its own unique personality and character. There are hints to a small connection (as Popo conveys the falling of one of them at the end of Negation War #1) but no evidence to suggest a mental realm where all the knowledge of the aspects would essentially 'go' (Daniks aspects combine to pool the knowledge they have gathered). Some of Danik's aspects have actually been active for the entire lives of their charges, others even longer as with Skink, The Muse of Gitan, Naida and Memi and Enson and Wyture.

The Watchers and Mentors[edit]

  • Danik of the First - (Crux/Solus) Tall godlike male with long, auburn hair. Because of the threat of the Negation invasion on Earth, this aspect revived the Atlantean, Capricia, from her stasis tube underwater in the ruins of Atlantis. He revived five others of her choosing and marked them with an orange sigil that gave them extra abilities (breathing underwater, etc.) akin to the powers they already possessed. He watches over these six Atlanteans. Imitating the godlike First, he convinced Gannish and Yala, of the First, to test a few of these Atlanteans in the American Southwest. He later reveals himself as Danik to Capricia, a truth that another Atlantean, Verityn, already knew. He commissions Capricia to shapeshift into Zanniati Oribatta, the love of Samandahl Rey, and travel to the other side of the universe to create a child with him, hoping this child might be the key to destroying Charon's forces or, if they fail in the battle against the Negation, somehow carry on the human legacy. He created the Hound to follow Solusandra. It is unclear whether this aspect's image is also that of Transitioned Danik.
  • Skink - (Scion) A member of a people called the Lesser Races, genetically altered beings, created so as to be servants and slaves of humans. Mentor of Prince Ethan, youngest son of King Dane of the Heron Dynasty on Avalon. Has displayed a subtle way of handling things but is only so tolerant of outside influences.
  • Skitter - (Mystic) A furry little squit. Mentor of Giselle Villard on Ciress. A cat-like creature who sneakily trains Giselle. Skitter actively recruits others to help him with Giselle. Skitter seems to be quite surprised as various emergencies require Giselle's attention.
  • JeMerik Meer - (Sigil) Male Human. Mentor of Sam Rey of Gaia. He points out at one point that he is present not only to guide Sam but to also keep the relationship between Sam and Roiya platonic (to ensure Daniks all powerful baby back-up plan is not jeopardized). Alone of the fragments of Danik he falls in love (with Roiya) and he reveals some of his true nature to her as a result.
  • Neven - (Sojourn) Female human. Porcelain-skinned sage of Quin, mentoring both Arwyn, as she collects the remaining pieces of Ayden's arrow, and Mordath, in his quest to conquer the world. Neven gave Arwyn her magic bow (the bow is in fact one of Altwaals Weapons). She is very cryptic when speaking to Arwyn and Mordath.
  • The Muse of Giatan - (Meridian) Small, old woman. The mentor on Demetria of both Sephie of Meridian and Ilahn of Cadador. The Muse of Giatan guided Sephie's parents but the only reference is to a time during Turos and Ideria's voyage. See also: Minor characters in Meridian
  • Ghetan - (Meridian) Split off from the Muse of Giatan to mentor Sephie. Takes a male fatherly form and appears at times when Sephie needs to talk to clear her mind.
  • Enson - (The First) Mentor of Seahn on the Dexter side of Elysia. Likes to give out clues to power. Told Seahn where one of Altwaal's weapon was hidden.
  • Wyture - (The First) Mentor of Persha on the Sinister side of Elysia. Works co-jointly with Enson to influence power struggles throughout the realm of The First.
  • Zamida - (Negation/Negation: War) Young female human. Taken by Negation forces to be watched, analyzed, and experimented on in Negation space. As an aspect of Danik to watch over the Negation unnoticed, Zamida becomes two persons, one being Zaida, a pregnant young woman. Once in Negation space she goes into labor, aided by Obregon Kaine, and gives birth to Memi, the other half to Zamida. The two become one again after Lizard Lady (Khlystek), a saurian female from Tcharun, reveals to them that Zaida and Memi must say a trigger word: crossgenesis.
  • Po Po - (Way of the Rat) Monkey mentor of Boon Sai Hong on Han-Jin. Likes to get drunk and smoke. Is hardly around when Boon needs him. Likes to make interesting comments about Boon while he idly sits by and watches people try and kill Boon.
  • Too-Too - (Route 666) Deceased Grandfather of Cassandra 'Cassie' Starkweather returned as a ghost. This aspect marked the crown of Cassie's head with a different sigil, Danik's own, that brought clarity to her self-suppressed mental abilities. He also reveals to Cassie that she must someday face a being of great power called The Adversary.
  • Soujiro-San - (The First and The Path) Todosi was given power by a 'Goddess' aspect Todosi had prayed to for power. It was never revealed if Todosi had a watcher. Later when he died and his Sigil was inherited by Obo-san, Soujiro-San split from Enson of The First to guide Obo-San.
  • The Stag-god - (Brath) Chosen god of the Urelanders the statue of the Stag-god comes to life and gives Brath his Sigil. The Stag-god is seen in Brath's dreams and is seen only once in the real world by S'math the wizard in Brath #1. The Stag-god guides Brath through dreams.
  • Infoe - (Solus) A small quadrupedal alien mentor of Lindy Karsten (AKA Radiant) of Heliotrope. Furry and cuddly until angered, then covered in protective blades. Killed by Solusandra which tells Danik something very powerful is out and about.
  • Polla - (Solus) Mentor of Dr. Kellra Tuskin, a psychic of Cardeen (appears in Solus #7). Polla appears to be a talking and glowing smiley face.


  • Emma Bishop - (Ruse) Blond female human in her twenties or early thirties. Partner to Partington's greatest detective, Simon Archard, on Arcadia. Emma possesses the orange eyes at times but it is unclear whether she is an aspect of Danik or just an ordinary human who had received powers from Danik or another. This much is clear: She is a Mentor to Simon Archard, a man who carries a cane with Danik's own sigil carved on the end.

Other Aspects[edit]

  • Nemases - (Solus) a griffin-looking mentor of Mikos on the planet Abyelos.
  • Mentor of Neine of the feralfolk.

The Hound[edit]

The hound was created when Danik became aware of Solusandra's presence. At the time Danik was not sure of what he felt and sent the hound to eliminate that which posed a threat to his aspects. Danik later became aware of Solusandra and when the hound was eventually destroyed by Solusandra, Danik revealed himself and what had transpired since Solusandra's fall.