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The Danish Design Award is an annual international design prize awarded by the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The aim of the award is to acknowledge innovative products and outstanding graphic design solutions characterised by a high aesthetic and technical quality that helps stimulating the use of design in businesses.[1][2] Award-winners are featured in an exhibition open to the public at the Danish Design Centre.


1965 - Industrial Design Prize

Acknowledging the best in Danish design with an annual award began in 1965. At that time the award was called the ID Prize.[3] Danish design had become an important concept, not just in Scandinavia but worldwide. Danish design represented - and continues to represent - simple, pure and aesthetic design with a clear user focus.[3]

1980 – Industrial Graphic Design Prize

In 1980 the ID Prize had a sister award, the IG Prize, which celebrated the best industrial graphic design.

2000 – The Danish Design Prize

In 2000, the ID Prize and the IG Prize merged to become the Danish Design Prize that we know today. With the brief pause in 2005 and 2006, the Danish Design Prize 2007 marked an anniversary for Danish design: the design prizes were awarded for the fortieth time.

2007 – The Designmatters Award

The latest addition to the design prize family and a new introduction in 2007 was the Designmatters Award. This award goes to a small or medium-sized company that has made a serious effort to incorporate design and achieved a positive effect on the bottom line. The first recipient of the Designmatters Award was the lighting company Lightyears.[3]

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