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DTU Space
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (logo).svg
Established 1 January 2007
Administrator Kristian Pedersen
Budget DKK 59 million (2011)[1]
Website www.space.dtu.dk

DTU Space (formally: Danish: Institut for Rumforskning og -teknologi)) is a Danish sector research Institute and a part of the Technical University of Denmark. It has a staff of 169, including researchers, engineers, and technicians.[2]

The Center conducts research in astrophysics, Solar System physics, geodesy, and space technology. To conduct the research, the Center collaborates with the Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Geophysics and Physics.

It came about as a result of combining the Danish Space Research Institute with the geodesy part of the National Survey and Cadastre of Denmark on January 1, 2005 to form the Danish National Space Center (DNSC). In 2007 DNSC merged with the Technical University of Denmark, and in 2008 changed name to DTU Space.


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