Danny Funderburk & Mercy's Way

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Danny Funderburk
Genres Christian music, Southern Gospel
Years active 1970's - Present
Associated acts The Cathedrals, Perfect Heart

Danny Funderburk a American Christian music singer.

Musical career[edit]

In 2001, Danny Funderburk, Stan Shuman and Danny's son, Jason Funderburk partnered to form the group Danny Funderburk & Mercy's Way. Jason later left the group to sing with the Anchormen quartet. They are still traveling today and released a DVD in 2007.[citation needed]


Danny Funderburk[edit]

Danny Funderburk (born (1954-04-13) April 13, 1954 (age 60) in Union County, North Carolina) began his career in the 1970s when he sang tenor for a group called the New Revelaires. He continued as part of that group until 1980 when he joined the Singing Americans. He became better known in the industry in 1983 when he was approached by George Younce and Glen Payne to join the Cathedral Quartet to become their tenor singer. While with the Cathedrals, Funderburk recorded "I've Just Started Living" and "Somebody Touched Me" which became two of his biggest hits. Funderburk remained with the Cathedrals until 1989 when he started a group called, Perfect Heart. Later he joined other groups like Silent Power and The Royals. In 1995, he once again rejoined the Cathedrals for one of their Reunion projects. In 2007, he joined former Cathedrals members now with Legacy Five, Greater Vision, and the Mark Trammell Trio for a look back at the history of the Cathedrals and a group of tribute concerts.[1] Funderburk is also a producer for Son Sound Music Group in Bessemer City, North Carolina.[2]

Stan Shuman[edit]

Shuman worked with luminaries such as Jerry Goff, Wendy Johnson and the Messengers, The Roger Horne Trio, Naomi and The Segos as well as many others. He's written over 100 songs for groups such as, Gold City, The Kingsmen, The Anchormen and The Carolina Boys.

Greg Day[edit]

Day began his career at the age of five with his family The Day Family. He and his brother Chuck Day penned the song "Midnight Cry" which sold over three and a half million copies. Groups such as Gold City, The Ruppes, Lord Song, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Crossway, The Whisnants, and Ivan Parker have recorded the song.[3]


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