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Danny McCarthy is an American actor whose roles include Special Agent Danny Hale in Prison Break. He also played Troy in the movie Bench Warmers.

He has acted in plays with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and the Famous Door, and has performed twice at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. Other credits include The Amityville Horror, Early Edition, What About Joan, and Alleyball. McCarthy is an ensemble member at A Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago. McCarthy created, together with Alleyball writer/director Dan Consiglio, SOXTALK with Pat and Tony, a series of four 30-minute shows that aired on Comcast Sports Net Chicago. McCarthy starred as "Pat", a longtime know-it-all White Sox supporter. McCarthy played Troy in the film The Benchwarmers. He also had a reoccurring character in Malcolm in the Middle who was in Dewey's special Ed class.

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