Dans le jardin de mon âme

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Switzerland "Dans le jardin de mon âme"
Eurovision Song Contest 2002 entry
Country Switzerland
Artist(s) Francine Jordi
Language French
Composer(s) Francine Jordi
Lyricist(s) Francine Jordi
Finals performance
Final result 22nd
Final points 15
Appearance chronology
◄ "La vita cos'è?" (2000)   
"Celebrate" (2004) ►

"Dans le jardin de mon âme" ("In the garden of my soul") was the Swiss entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. It was performed in French by Francine Jordi, who also composed the song.

The ballad was performed 11th on the night of the contest, following Israel's Sarit Hadad with "Nadlik Beyakhad Ner" and preceding Sweden's Afro-dite with "Never Let It Go". The song received 15 points, placing 22nd in a field of 24.

The song was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 2004 contest, being relegated from the 2003 contest, by Piero and the Musicstars with "Celebrate".