Danish Artillery Regiment

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The Danish Artillery Regiment (DAR, Danish: Danske Artilleriregiment) is an artillery unit of the Royal Danish Army, which was founded on 1 November 2005 when the two artillery regiments in Denmark, Kongens Artilleriregiment and Dronningens Artilleriregiment were merged.

The main part of DAR is located in Varde in Westjutland. However the 1st Batalion is located in the Oksboel Camp 20 km from Varde.

At DAR the following units are garrisoned:

1.Battalion (1 AA) (Field Artillery) (M109 / M113)
2.Battalion (2 UDDAFD) Temporarily suspended

The regiment has had personnel stationed around the world on international operations, mainly in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Hærens Ildstøtteskole (Danish Army Fire Support School) is also located at Varde Barracks.