Danton (1921 film)

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Directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki
Written by Georg Büchner (play)
Johnstone Craig
Carl Mayer
Dimitri Buchowetzki
Starring Emil Jannings
Werner Krauss
Ossip Runitsch
Ferdinand von Alten
Cinematography Arpad Viragh
Distributed by UFA (Germany)
First National Pictures (US)
Release date(s) 4 May 1921
Country Germany
Language Silent
German intertitles

Danton is a 1921 German silent historical film directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki and starring Emil Jannings, Werner Krauss and Ossip Runitsch. It premiered in Berlin on 4 May 1921.[1] It was based on the play Danton's Death by Georg Büchner.


At the height of Reign of Terror Maximilien Robespierre orchestrates the trial and execution of several of his fellow leading French revolutionaries including Georges Danton.



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