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Daquq is located in Iraq
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 35°8′18″N 44°26′55″E / 35.13833°N 44.44861°E / 35.13833; 44.44861Coordinates: 35°8′18″N 44°26′55″E / 35.13833°N 44.44861°E / 35.13833; 44.44861
Country  Iraq
Governorate Kirkuk Governorate

Daquq or Daquqa, Dakuk, Daqooq, Tavuk or Tawuq(Turkish:Dakuk)(Arabic:داقوق) is a historic town in Iraq south of Kirkuk. It is the capital of Daquq District, one of the four Districts of Kirkuk Governorate. It lies just south of Taza.

Daquq is sometimes referred to as the earliest Turkmen settlement in Iraq. [1]

Abul-Fath Mohammad bin Annaz, founder of the Annazid dynasty, temporarily seized Daquq from Banu Oqayl in 998 AD. [2]

Up to the end of the 14th century AD, Daquq was for the most part administratively and economically superior to neighbouring Kirkuk.

The majority of the 50,000 inhabitants are Turkmen, Kurds and Arabs. Daquq was inhabited by the Assyriens also, but they disappeared from the region after the Mongolian's massacre against them. The town is known for its tea and famous mosque. It is situated on the Daquq river, of which the floodwaters in spring are said to join the Tigris. The first people resided in Daquq historically were the Turkmen and the Assyriens before the Arabic invasion of the region during the war between the Sassanian Empire and Muslims during the time of Omar bin khattab.




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