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Darbar / Darbar Saheb also spelled as Durbar is a title of honor or respect used generally in the Indian State of Gujarat to refer to a Rajput and Muslim chiefs mainly found in Gujarat and saurashtra mainly Babi, baluch, lohani, mandori, Tunvar, Malik, etc.[1][2] Chieftain or Lord of small Principality, which existed in the pre-independence era.[1] [2] As such any caste of Rajput people or hereditary chieftain of erstwhile princely states may be referred to as Darbar caste in general use of word [3]although there is no separate notified caste as Darbar. It was a title of honor more in use during princely India, which was used to refer to Rajput and Muslim chieftains and is prevalent in use even today mainly in rural Gujarat.


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