Darius James

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Darius James
Born 1954 (age 60–61)
United States
Occupation Author
Genre Non-fiction

Darius James (aka Dr. Snakeskin, born 1954) is an African American author and performance artist.[1] He is the author of That's Blaxploitation: Roots of the Baadasssss 'Tude (Rated X by an All-Whyte Jury),[2] an unorthodox, semi-autobiographical history of the blaxploitation film genre, and Negrophobia: An Urban Parable, a satiric novel written in screenplay form.[1]

His work is influenced by the Voodoo religion. Darius James lives in Hamden, Connecticut.

Darius appeared in the 2006 film Black Deutschland. He co-wrote and appeared in a feature-length film released in 2013, The United States of Hoodoo.[3]

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