Dark Age of Reason

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Dark Age of Reason
Studio album by Arcana
Released 1996
Genre Neoclassical, dark ambient, gothic
Label Cold Meat Industry
Arcana chronology
Dark Age of Reason (1996) Lizabeth (1997)

Dark Age of Reason is the first album by the Swedish band Arcana. It has been compared to the early works by Dead Can Dance.[1]

Track list[edit]

  1. "Our God Weeps" -02:04
  2. "Angel of Sorrow" -03:13
  3. "Source of Light" -03:07
  4. "The Calm before the Storm" -03:00
  5. "Dark Age of Reason" -07:09
  6. "Like Statues in the Garden of Dreaming" -03:03
  7. "The Oath" -03:36
  8. "...For My Love" -02:22
  9. "Serenity" -06:07
  10. "The Song of Mourning" -03:47


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