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In White Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness campaign setting, the Dark Ages refers to the shared setting of a number of games, set in a fictionalised version of the real Dark Ages.

Dark Ages: Vampire[edit]

Dark Ages: Werewolf[edit]

Dark Ages: Werewolf was published in 2003 with the original Game concept credited to Mark Rein·Hagen

Dark Ages: Mage[edit]

Dark Ages: Mage book acts as both a precursor to Mage: The Ascension, and a supplement for using mages in Dark Ages: Vampire. It is a wildly different system from the modern counterpart as Paradox has not quite taken hold. Because the consensus of reality is less powerful, magic itself is more bold. Rather than magic commonly being explained away by coincidence, it is often obviously the working of some powerful being.

Dark Ages: Fae[edit]

Main article: Dark Ages: Fae

Dark Ages: Inquisitor[edit]

Dark Ages: Inquisitor is a supplement for playing inquisitors in Dark Ages: Vampire. Though officially a supplement, it can be played as a standalone game by letting the Players play as a member of the 'Shadow Inquisition' consisting of various monastic and lay factions, such as the Red Brethren or the House of Murnau. As a crossover/supplement with Dark Ages:Vampire it should be used with care, for the very high power level of the Inquisitors that enables a troupe of medium-skilled Inquisitors to mop up whole legions of Vampires. The Powerlevel is much higher than that of the somewhat related Hunter: The Reckoning. The Game System is however very similar to Hunter, enabling the players to exchange Conviction to buy powers called 'Blessings'.

Many players and storytellers use this book as a guide to create non-player characters to represent members of the Society of Leopold in the Modern Nights era of the World of Darkness. The Society of Leopold is, after all, the Modern Nights version of the warrior orders of the Dark Ages Inquisition. The end result is to create very dangerous antagonists that threaten players.[1]

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