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Dark Shadows is a one hour pilot that was a remake of the 1966–1971 series Dark Shadows. The pilot was commissioned by The WB Television Network and produced in 2004. Directed by P. J. Hogan, it was filmed at the Greystone Mansion, which also served as the Collinwood Mansion for the previous 1991 remake.

The pilot never aired, as The WB passed on the series. However, it was screened at a 2005 Dark Shadows festival in Los Angeles, with subsequent showings at the 2006 Dark Shadows 40th Anniversary Festival in Brooklyn, New York, the 2008 Dark Shadows Festival in Burbank, California and the 2009 Dark Shadows Festival in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


The pilot included new characters not previously shown in the original or the 1991 versions of the series. Those characters include Sophia Loomis (Willie Loomis' sister), and Kelly Vance (Willie Loomis' greedy girlfriend). Characters Maggie Evans, Sam Evans and Sarah Collins from the prior versions did not appear in the pilot (although Sarah was mentioned by David).


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