Dark Tower (1987 film)

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Dark Tower is a 1987 film directed by Freddie Francis and Ken Wiederhorn and starring Michael Moriarty, Jenny Agutter, Theodore Bikel, Carol Lynley, Kevin McCarthy and Anne Lockhart. It was filmed in Barcelona, Spain


After a window washer plunges to his death from a Barcelona high rise, several people come to investigate, including security consultant Dennis Randall (Michael Moriarty). He cannot locate a problem, but decides to investigate further when more gruesome deaths take place inside and around the office building. His investigations prove that there is a sinister force behind all the deaths, a supernatural entity, that is not about to stop.


While there are few published reviews for the movie, they are moderate at best. Reviewmaster.com gave it a C-.[1] The IMDB reports that 218 users gave the movie a collective score of 4.2 out of 10 stars.[2] Buried.com reports 56 users giving it a collective score of 5.1 stars out of 10.[3]


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