Darker Than Black (album)

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Darker Than Black
Studio album by Cage (band)
Released April 22nd, 2003
Recorded Richard Carr Studios
Genre Heavy metal
Length 54 min 17 sec
Label Massacre Records
Producer Richard Carr
Cage (band) chronology
Astrology (2000) Darker Than Black (2003) Hell Destroyer (2007)

Heavy metal band Cage's third album. The first Cage album that received very good response by fans and press, and by many considered as their best album to date.


  1. "Darker Than Black" (Kevin Garcia / Peck)
  2. "Kill The Devil" (Garcia,Peck / Peck)
  3. "Chupacabra" (McCinnis,Garcia,Peck / Peck)
  4. "Blood Of The Innocent" (Garcia, Peck / Peck)
  5. "Eyes Of Obsidian" (Garcia / Peck)
  6. "Philadelphia Experiment" (Garcia, Peck / Peck)
  7. "March Of The Cage" (McGinnis,Garcia,Peck / Peck)
  8. "White Magic" (Garcia,Buckzo / Peck)
  9. "Door To The Unknown" (Garcia / Peck)
  10. "Secrets Of Fatima" (McGinnis,Garcia,Peck / Peck)
  11. "Wings Of Destruction" (Garcia,Peck,Mike Felder / Peck)
  12. "Antimatter" (US bonus track)
  13. "Forces Of Freedom" (US bonus track)

Album line-up[edit]

  • Sean Peck - Vocals
  • Dave Garcia - Guitars
  • Anthony Wayne McGinnis - Guitars
  • Mike Giordono - Bass
  • Mike Nielsen - Drums