Darkest Labyrinth

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Darkest Labyrinth
Founded 2000
Founder Kiwamu
Distributor(s) Daiki Sound (JASDAQ: 3350)
Genre Gothic rock, EBM, electro-industrial
Country of origin Japan
Location Tokyo
Official website http://darkestlabyrinth.jp/

Darkest Labyrinth is a Tokyo based record label, distributor, and web store specializing in gothic and visual kei artists in genres such as Electro-industrial, darkwave, gothic rock, EBM, and industrial metal.

Originally called Cure, Darkest Labyrinth started as an Osaka-based project to release works by label-owner Kiwamu's own band BLOOD. The label expanded to distribute music by international Gothic and Post-Industrial artists in Japan. In 2007 the label started to sign other artists, making its first deals with international groups such as Virgins O.R. Pigeons (Greece), Spectrum-X (Italy) and GPKism (Australia). That same year they released their first compilation record "V.A. - Darkest Labyrinth" featuring various tracks from Japan's dark underground music scene.

Currently Darkest Labyrinth releases works by a variety of international and Japanese artists. As of March 2009 Darkest Labyrinth has released 50 titles from the label and distributed 280 titles from other labels for Japanese major distribution.[1] The most successful artist on the label so far is BLOOD who have sold over 20 000 CDs.[1]

Artists signed[edit]

Note: some artists are only signed to Darkest Labyrinth for Japanese releases, while they are signed to other labels for Europe, North America, etc.

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