Darkside (novel)

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First edition cover
Author Tom Becker
Cover artist Studio Spooky
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Darkside
Genre Children's
Publisher Scholastic
Publication date
6 June 2000
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 256 pp
ISBN 978-0-439-94436-6
OCLC 71541663
Followed by Lifeblood

Darkside is a children's novel by Tom Becker, about a boy called Jonathan who discovers a world hidden in London; a world run by Jack the Ripper's family. Only the worst of the worst live here, and all too quickly Johnathan gets mixed up in a world full of murders, thieves and, of course, a werewolf and a Vampire. It was Published in 2007 by Scholastic. It won the 2007 Waterstone's Children's Book Prize[1] and was longlisted for the 2008 Manchester Book Award.[2] Darkside also won the Calderdale Children's Book of the year Award.


Jonathon Starling – A quiet, adventurous 14 year old boy. The main character of the novel.

Alain Starling – Jonathon's ill and hospitalized Dad.

Carnegie – A mysterious werewolf and detective that protects him and was an old friend of his father.

Marianne – A strange, fluorescent haired bounty hunter.

Grimshaw – The ruthless ringmaster of the Beastilia Exotica.

Vendetta – An evil vampire from Darkside.

Ricky Thomas – A normal student that was hunted and kidnapped.

Mrs Elwood – Jonathans helpful and slightly overprotective neighbour.

Humble and Skeet – The two freaky, weird sidekicks to Marianne and humble cant speak.

PC Shaw and Carter Roberts – Two hopeless “policemen”.

Raquella – The cunning servant of Vendetta.


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