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Starring Angel Locsin
Star Cinema
Reality Entertainment
Distributed by Star Cinema
Country Philippines
  • Tagalog
  • English

Darna is an upcoming Filipino superhero film produced by Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment, based on a fictional character and Filipino comics superheroine created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo. The movie will star Angel Locsin as Darna, with an ensemble cast.].

Background and development[edit]


It was early 2012 when ABS-CBN acquired the rights to Mars Ravelo's Komiks creations such as Darna, Captain Barbell and Dyesebel, originally handled by rival network GMA 7.[1][2] Star Cinema managing director, Malou Santos confirmed in an interview that Darna will be the first of the Ravelo's characters to be shown in cinemas.[2] The film outfit is now in talks with Reality Films to make this possible as the latter is more armed to meet sci-fi’s high demand for great animators and cutting-edge technology.[3]


Main article: Darna

Darna is a fictional character and Filipino comics superheroine created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo. In her more popular incarnations, she is a deceased warrior from another planet manifesting herself through a girl from Earth, named Narda. She first appeared in Pilipino Komiks (Ace Publications, Inc.) #77 (May 13, 1950).[4] Darna is a retooling of Ravelo's earlier character, Varga, whose stories he wrote and illustrated himself. She first appeared in Bulaklak Magazine, Volume 4, #17 (July 23, 1947). Ravelo left Bulaklak due to the differences with the editors.[5]Mars Ravelo's Darna is a superheroine that began as a concept before World War II/late 1939. Mars Ravelo (1916-1988), a then young pioneering illustrator from Tanza, Cavite, thought of creating a female counterpart for Superman because he believed in the concept that America is “male” and the Philippines is “female.”[6] Ravelo's inspiration for Darna's heroic qualities came from his childhood fascination with Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's Superman (first appearance on Action Comics, No. 1, June 30, 1938; debut as a newspaper comic strip in January 16, 1939).[7][8]

Over the years, Darna has appeared in many films. The superheroine’s popularity skyrocketed in 1951, when Royal Films produced a film version. Since then, a total of 14 films have been made portraying Darna and endless serialized stories in different comic books followed. The first to act as Darna is Rosa del Rosario in 1951, followed by Liza Morena in the 1960s. Eva Montes also appeared as Darna in its first colored-motion picture. Philippines Star-for-all-season Vilma Santos was the most successful portrayal, appearing in 4 movies, "Lipad, Darna, Lipad!" (1973), "Darna and the Giants" (1973), "Darna vs The Planet Women" (1973) and "Darna and Ding" (1980). Nanette Medved (1991), Anjanette Abayari(1994) and Regine Velasquez (2003) also appear as Darna in films. The first portrayal of Darna in television was with Angel Locsin in 2005 aired on GMA Network, and the latest was in 2009, aired on the same network, with Marian Rivera.[9][10][11]



In 2013, Star Cinema managing director, Malou Santos officially announced in a sitdown interview on Manila Bulletin that actress Angel Locsin will portray again the role for the film of the same title.[2]

Main cast[edit]

  • Angel locsin as Narda, the girl who found the magical stone, that transforms to a mythical warrior Darna.


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