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Darrell Don Earl Long
Darrell Long at Newcastle, Australia.jpg
Born (1962-08-05) August 5, 1962 (age 51)
San Diego, California
Residence Santa Cruz, California
Nationality United States
Fields Computer Science
Institutions University of California, Santa Cruz
Université Paris–Dauphine
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
Université Paris–Descartes
Alma mater San Diego State University (B.S. 1984)
University of California, San Diego (M.S. 1986), (Ph.D. 1988)
Doctoral advisor Jehan-François Pâris
Doctoral students Richard Golding
Benjamin Reed
Thomas Kroeger
Randal Burns
Theodore Haining
Ahmed Amer
Tsozen Yeh
Bo Hong
Lawrence You
David Pease
Deepavali Bhagwat
Aleatha Parker-Wood
Spouse Mary Long
(m. 1984–2014; her death)

Darrell Don Earl Long (born August 5, 1962, San Diego, California) is an American computer scientist, the Kumar Malavalli Endowed Professor of Storage Systems Research and Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz.[1] He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Transactions on Storage.[2] He has an Erdős number of 2 via Miklós Ajtai.


Long attended public schools in El Cajon, California. He did his undergraduate studies at San Diego State University, graduating in 1984, and went on to graduate studies at the University of California, San Diego, earning a Ph.D. in 1988 under the supervision of Jehan-François Pâris.[1][3]

While in graduate school, he served as a Lecturer in mathematics at San Diego State University and in computer science at the University of California, San Diego. After earning his Ph.D. he joined the faculty of the University of California, Santa Cruz. At UCSC, he has served as associate dean for research and graduate studies in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering,[4] and he directs the Storage Systems Research Center.[5]

He has held visiting positions at the Université Paris–Dauphine (Paris IX), the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, the Université Paris–Descartes (Paris V), the University of Technology, Sydney, the Center for Communications Research and is Professor ad Honorem de la Universidad Católica del Uruguay.[6] He is currently a visiting professor at the United States Naval Postgraduate School.[5]

He served for a number of years on the National Research Council's Standing Committee on Technology Insight-Gauge, Evaluate and Review (TIGER) and on the Committee on Defense Intelligence Agency Technology Forecasts and Reviews. He served on the National Research Council's Committee on Science and Technology for Defense Warning.


Long's research interests include computer data storage, operating systems, distributed computing, and computer security.[4] He has written highly cited research papers on web caching,[7] distributed file systems,[8] power-aware hard disk management in mobile computing,[9] and low-bandwidth multicast techniques for video on demand,[10] among other topics.

In 1991,[11] Long pioneered the idea of storing metadata separately from data in the Swift file system.[12] This idea became a central design concept in subsequent distributed file and storage systems, such as IBM TotalStorage/SAN (Storage Tank) and Ceph.

Awards and honors[edit]

Long became an IEEE Fellow in 2006 "for contributions to storage systems architecture and performance".[13] In 2008 he was inducted as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.[4]


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