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Darren G. Davis
Darren Davis Signing.jpg
Born (1968-07-08) July 8, 1968 (age 46)
Long Island, New York
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer
Notable works
10th Muse
Legend of Isis
Lost Raven
Wrath of the Titans

Darren G. Davis is an American independent comic book publisher and writer. He is the head of Bluewater Productions, based in Portland, Oregon.


After marketing the entertainment industry at E! Entertainment Television, USA Network, and with Lion's Gate Entertainment, Davis entered comics publishing with a position at Wildstorm under Jim Lee. Shortly after, Wildstorm became an imprint of DC Comics. At WildStorm Davis worked as an agent with some of the top artists in the field including Joe Madureira, Randy Green, Andy Park, Chris Bachelo, Ale Garza, Adam Hughes, Howard Porter, Mike Miller, Travis Charest, and Roger Cruz. Davis also served as president of Joe Madureira's Beyond Entertainment.

After several years with Wildstorm, Davis founded Bluewater Productions in 2007. Original titles created by Davis include 10th Muse, Legend of Isis, Orion the Hunter, Judo Girl, The Blackbeard Legacy, Victoria's Secret Service, and most recently The Mis-Adventures of Adam West. Isis and Victoria's Secret Service have both been optioned for feature films, and 10th Muse was optioned for a television show. in 2015 Davis co-created created comic book series with The Beekman Boys and Discovery Channel's Survivorman.

Cover of Lost Raven, written by Darren G. Davis, art by Kue Cha, published by Bluewater Productions.  A muscular white male, shirtless and clutching a sword, is flying toward the viewer.  In the background are two shady villainous-looking creatures who look almost cyborg-like.  Faintly in the far background are what look like diary pages and a vine.
The Cover of Lost Raven, written by Darren G. Davis, illustrated by Kue Cha, published by Bluewater Productions

Davis has also created a line of superhero children's books based on self-created character Atlas called ABC's for Superheroes, 123's for Superheroes and Superheroes Guide to the Planets. In addition, Davis has written two YA graphic novels, 10th Muse: Maze of the Minotaur and Lost Raven. Written by Daren Davis, illustrated by Kue Cha and published by Bluewater Productions, Lost Raven features one of the first HIV-positive protagonists in a YA graphic novel. The story follows attorney Zak Raven after he receives his diagnosis of HIV and is shipwrecked on a mysterious island. The novel received praise for its balance of real world problems and adventure storytelling. While Zak’s diagnosis is an important part of the character, Davis denies that the novel doesn’t intend to be overly pedantic. As Davis told the Bellingham Business Journal in a 2006 interview, “It’s not the touchy feely stuff. It’s just a good story.”[1] Proceeds from the sales go to the Evergreen AIDS Foundation.[2] Following the publication of Lost Raven, Davis was invited to speak at Yale University.

Personal life[edit]

Davis was raised in southern California where he developed an appreciation for Greek mythology and comic books. Many of his original characters are heavily influenced by classical mythology including Emma Sonnet, the eponymous heroine of 10th Muse.

Davis was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1999.[3] Davis has used his platform as a comic book creator to educate and reduce stigma about the disease, speaking to high schools about people living with HIV. Davis worked with the Evergreen AIDS Foundation in Bellingham, Washington as a client services coordinator and events manager, and donated the proceeds from the publication of ‘’Lost Raven’’ to the foundation. In an interview with HIVPlusMag.com, Davis highlights his efforts to spread understanding about HIV and AIDS, “I want people to know that they do have options and choices--because at first you’re just trying to comprehend it all.” [4] In regards to his social activism, Davis has stated that "the highlight of my career was tied to this book when I got to speak at Yale University about the Lost Raven graphic novel."[5]

He resides in Portland, Oregon. Davis and his company played hosts to the Bellingham community's first comic convention, Bell Con, on October 13, 2007. The event featured such comics talents as Tom Peyer and Mike Grell.


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