Darryl Banks

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Darryl Banks
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller; Inker
Notable works
Green Lantern vol 3

Darryl Banks is a comic book artist. He worked on one of the first painted comic books, Cyberpunk,[1] and teamed with the writer Mark Ellis to revamp the long-running The Justice Machine series for two publishers, Innovation and Millennium.

At Millennium he produced a mini-series based on The Wild Wild West TV series and a comics adaptation of Doc Savage with The Monarch of Armageddon.

Banks is perhaps best known for his run on Green Lantern (Vol. 3), which ran from issue 50 till 142 (though there were many fill-ins). Along with co-creating Kyle Rayner, he's responsible for designing costumes for Parallax, Grayven, Fatality, Dr. Polaris, and Dr. Light.


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