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Darryl Hunt (born 4 May 1950, Hampshire) is an English musician, most famous as the bassist of The Pogues from 1986 until their breakup ten years later. He currently fronts the band Bish, and has performed with The Pogues since their reunion in 2001.

Darryl Hunt, Milk club, Moscow, 08-29-2010 with the Pogues with Jem Finer (photo: Zuzana Pernicová)

Hunt attended the Nottingham School of Art, where he played in a jazz band, before joining The Brothel Creepers, a band formed for a student movie in 1973. Moving to London, they renamed themselves Plummet Airlines, becoming a well known pub-rock act, and one of the first acts signed to Stiff Records, who issued a single "Silver Shirt", the B-side of which "This is the World" appeared on Hits Greatest Stiffs.[1] Plummet Airlines disbanded in 1977, the remnants of which became The Favourites with Hunt on vocals. He then formed the part-time lounge group, Pride of the Cross, with future Pogues bassist Cait O'Riordan. Some time after O'Riordan left to join the Pogues, Hunt took a job with them performing sound and management duties. He filled in as bassist for O'Riordan on several dates during the band's 1986 tour, and replaced her permanently when she left later that year to join her husband Elvis Costello's King of America tour. He appeared on all their subsequent albums and wrote several of their songs, including "Love You Till The End" from Pogue Mahone.

After the band's break up in 1996 he worked as a disc jockey in Europe and played with several other projects, including a stint with fellow ex-Pogue Spider Stacy's band The Vendettas. Hunt left to join Bish, who issued an album in 2001, but Hunt rejoined the Pogues, when they reformed later that year, and was still a member, in April 2009. Also in 2009, Bish released their second album, Surrounded By Mountains.


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