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The McLane Family Lodge as viewed from the chairlift on Holt's Ledge

The Dartmouth Skiway is a ski area located about twenty minutes north of Dartmouth College in Lyme, New Hampshire. It has thirty trails from easiest (green circle) to most difficult (black diamond) on over 100 acres (400,000 m²) of skiable area.

The Mountain[edit]

The Dartmouth Skiway has a summit elevation of 1943 feet (592 m) and a base elevation of 975 feet (297 m) giving it a vertical drop of 968 feet (295 m). Its longest trail is 1.25 miles (2 km). There are three lifts which service the trails at the skiway including the Winslow Mountain Quad, the Holt's Ledge Double, and the J-Bar Beginner Lift. These lifts give the ski area an uphill capacity of 3,300 skiers per hour. Snowmaking covers about seventy percent of the area with over fifteen snowguns. There is a terrain park located on the Winslow side. The Dartmouth Skiway Ski and Snowboard School has a staff of over 35 instructors. The Dartmouth Skiway is patrolled by the Dartmouth Ski Patrol, a joint community and student first aid volunteer organization, and is home to the Dartmouth Ski Team, which hosts the alpine skiing events of the Dartmouth Winter Carnival there annually.


The McLane Family Lodge

The Dartmouth Skiway opened in 1957 and is now one of two college-owned ski areas in the northeast, along with the Middlebury College Snow Bowl. In 2000, the 16,000 square foot (1,500 m²) McLane Family Lodge was opened.

Dartmouth Ski Patrol[edit]

Dartmouth Ski Patrol is a community service organization dedicated to providing first responder care at the Dartmouth Skiway. Its members include over 40 volunteer Dartmouth College student patrollers, several volunteer community patrollers, and about 5 paid patrollers.


Its mission is to "create a safe and enjoyable environment for the students, community members, and visitors who comprise our patrons, and to provide swift, efficient, and appropriate emergency medical care and rescue services to those who become our patients. The Dartmouth Ski Patrol is committed to meeting and exceeding the professional standards of the National Ski Patrol and fulfilling its role as a student organization of the Dartmouth Outing Club."


The Dartmouth Ski Patrol originated more than 50 years ago by students at Dartmouth College who were concerned with providing emergency medical care to people participating in winter sports near Dartmouth. The patrol has worked at various locations since it was founded, but now is primarily serving the Dartmouth Skiway. The student aspect of the Dartmouth Ski Patrol is governed by the Dartmouth Outing Club, which provides some funding and facilities for the patrol. In exchange the patrol provides medical care at many college events during the winter.


All members of the Dartmouth Ski Patrol are certified by the National Ski Patrol as Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians which is a Basic Life Support level similar to the standard EMT program. The patrollers are also taught special techniques for outdoor care including cold weather rescue, chairlift evacuation, toboggan handling, and automated external defibrillator (AED) usage.

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