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Dartmouth Square (Cearnóg Dartmouth) is a garden square near Ranelagh, in D6, Dublin.[1] It is near the Leeson Street bridge over the Grand Canal.

The square became the subject of controversy in 2005, when it emerged that years previously Athlone businessman Noel O'Gara bought the freehold on the square for £10,000 from PJ Darley, a descendant of the squares' builders.[1][2] O'Gara locked the gates on the park in the square in 2006.[3] He tried to operate it as a car park but local residents blocked the gates.[3]

In 2007 Noel O'Gara began selling tiles from the park with residents objecting on the grounds that he did not have planning permission to operate a showroom there.[4] In late 2008 tents were erected in the park and residents urged councillors to take action against Noel O'Gara.[5] Mr. O'Gara claimed that a man living in one tent was his gardener.[6] In December 2008 the tents caught fire and a man was hospitalised.[7]

In June 2009 a deal between local resident Peter O’Brien and Noel O'Gara that Mr. O'Gara run the park as an amenity for the local community.[2] In September 2009 singer Damien Rice took part in a tree planting coordinated by Peter O'Brien, planting 32 apple and pear trees.[8]

Events in the Square

The space is regularly used by the residents. A local collective known as 'Happenings' host outdoor events here. Every Saturday during the good weather Yoga happens outside in the square. In the winter months it happens round the corner in the Dartmouth Church hall.

In December 2012 the square was sold at auction on instruction of the liquidator of Marble and Granite Tiles.[9] Noel O'Gara protested at the sale, though the property was eventually sold jointly to Dublin City Council and local residents for €142,000.[9]


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