Darts of Pleasure

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"Darts of Pleasure"
Single by Franz Ferdinand
from the album Franz Ferdinand
B-side "Van Tango",
"Shopping for Blood"
Released United Kingdom 8 September 2003
United StatesCanada 18 November 2003
Format CD, 7" vinyl
Recorded 2003
Genre Post-punk revival
Length 2:59
Label Domino
Writer(s) Alex Kapranos, Nicholas McCarthy
Producer(s) Tore Johansson,
Alex Kapranos
Franz Ferdinand singles chronology
"Darts of Pleasure"
"Take Me Out"

"Darts of Pleasure" is the debut single by the Glasgow-based indie rock band Franz Ferdinand, released in the United Kingdom on 8 September 2003 and in North America on 18 November 2003, both through Domino Records.

Alex Kapranos explained to Q magazine that "the song is about seduction and the "Darts of Pleasure" that hit you are actually words."[1]

The song ends with several lyrics in German, most famously the line "Ich heiße Super Fantastisch!" ("My name is Super-Fantastic!", whereas "Super-Fantastic" is the name, not an adjective. Although variations in the German language occur, making the true meaning "I am called Super-Fantastic!").


The band developed its reputation by supporting Hot Hot Heat and Interpol. NME editor Connor McNicholas said,[citation needed] "My first contact with Franz Ferdinand was when someone was playing the Darts of Pleasure demos, in the NME office, and it was genuinely one of those moments when a track goes on and I come bundling out of my office saying 'what the hell is this because this is amazing'". It was therefore no surprise the band won the "Phillip Hall Radar Award" at the NME Awards of 2004 (announced in late 2003). Furthermore, the NME described the band as "The Next Big Thing" and featured the band on the front cover describing them as "The Band That Will Change Your Life".

The single was received well with Pitchfork Media giving it a rating of 8.3. Allmusic gave it 3.5 stars and the NME gave a very enthusiastic response. "Darts of Pleasure" was released on 8 September 2003. With the release Franz were acclaimed as "the saviours of rock and roll" by John Peel who gave them airtime.[citation needed]

It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 44 on 15 September 2003, where it stayed for one week before dropping out of the chart all together. Nonetheless, the band were happy with its chart performance, commenting "we couldn't believe we were in the UK top 50."[citation needed]

Track listings[edit]

In the UK[edit]

  1. "Darts of Pleasure" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy)
  2. "Shopping for Blood" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy, Paul Thomson)
  1. "Darts of Pleasure" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy)
  2. "Van Tango" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy)
    • Lead vocals performed by Nick McCarthy.
  3. "Shopping for Blood" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy, Paul Thomson)

In the US and Canada[edit]

  1. "Darts of Pleasure" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy) – 3:01
  2. "Van Tango" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy) – 3:25
    • Lead vocals performed by Nick McCarthy.
  3. "Shopping for Blood" (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy, Paul Thomson) – 3:36
  4. "Tell Her Tonight" (home demo) (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy) – 2:20
    • Lead vocals performed by Nick McCarthy.
  5. "Darts of Pleasure" (home demo) (Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy) – 3:25


  • Alex Kapranos – vocals, guitar
  • Bob Hardy – bass guitar
  • Nick McCarthy – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Paul Thomson – drums, percussion and backing vocals
  • Adrian Breakspear - Assistant Engineer
  • Tore Johansson - Producer
  • Alex Kapranos - Producer


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