Das ist je gewißlich wahr, BWV 141

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Das ist je gewißlich wahr (This is now the gospel truth), BWV 141, is a church cantata formerly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach, but composed by Georg Philipp Telemann.[1]

History and text[edit]

The cantata was composed for the third Sunday of Advent in 1719 or 1720. The libretto is based on a reading of 1 Timothy 1:15, and a text by Johann Friedrich Helbig.[2]

Scoring and structure[edit]

This piece is scored for three vocal soloists (alto, tenor, and bass), a four-part choir, two oboes, two violins, viola, and basso continuo.[2]

The cantata has four movements:

  1. Chorus
  2. Tenor aria
  3. Alto recitative
  4. Bass aria


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The first source is the score.