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Dasha Libin Anderson (born January 6, 1981) is a fitness professional, martial artist, author, and entrepreneur from New York City. Dasha is best known as the creator of Kettlebell Kickboxing. She is also the author of Kettlebell Kickboxing: Every Woman's Guide to Getting Healthy, Sexy, and Strong. She studies martial arts and is married to Sifu Dan Anderson.

Early life[edit]

After moving to the United States from Russia, Dasha began to further pursue her passion for fitness and martial arts. Dasha received a Masters degree in Sports Science, with a specialty in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention (MS). Dasha is also certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine's master level (NASM-PES) credentials. She received additional certification as Speed and Explosion Specialist (NASE-SES) with the National Association of Speed and Explosion. Dasha’s kettlebell background comes from her birthplace of Russia, where her grandfather taught kettlebells to the Soviet Army. Dasha's lifelong exposure to kettlebells brought her to create the unique workout combining the kettlebell with sleek movements of martial arts.


Martial Arts

In her martial arts career, Dasha Libin has achieved several full instructorships, including a certification in Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts under Sifu Paul Vunak and Sifu Thomas C. Cruse, ranking in Progressive Fighting Systems.[1] Dasha has a Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple-belt. She has also attained the Red Glove ‘Initiateur’ rank in Savate (French Kickboxing). Dasha is currently studying martial arts full-time under her long-time instructor and husband Sifu Dan Anderson.

  • Dasha was featured as Black Belt Magazine’s only female 21st Century Martial Artist.[2]


Currently, Dasha teaches her own fitness method, Kettlebell Kickboxing, which aims to inspire females to get fit with a purpose of function, health, and longevity.[3]

Recognized for offering women free self-defense classes, Dasha Libin was voted as NY1's New Yorker of the Week in 2010.[4] Dasha also offers seminars for various universities. Previously, she taught at NYU, ITT Tech, and Bloomberg.

Dasha also taught Kettlebell Kickboxing classes at Whole Foods Wellness Club in Tribeca.[5]

In addition to teaching, Dasha's is a brand ambassador for Lululemon Athletica in the New York City SoHo region.[2]


Dasha Libin is also a freelance writer sought out for her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. She has written for various publications including FIGHT!, Fitness Rx, Oxygen, and Kettlebell Magazine. Currently, she writes a monthly column called FUEL for the highly acclaimed martial arts publication, Black Belt Magazine.

Dasha has written approximately 48 articles for various publications including:

  • FIGHT! magazine - "Fighting the Food Budget" [6]
  • Black Belt Magazine - "Will Natural Energy Boosters Improve Your Martial Arts Training?" [7]
  • Black Belt Magazine - "Martial Arts Training Tips for Cutting Weight" [7]

Dasha Libin Anderson's credentials[edit]

  • NY 1- "NYer Of The Week: Two Martial Arts Teachers Help City Women Learn Self-Defense For Free" [4]
  • SELF Magazine - "Calorie-Blasting Kettlebell Kickboxing Workout" [8]
  • Shape Magazine - "Kettlebell Kickboxing: We Tried It!".[9]
  • Brooklyn Fit Chick blog - "What Did we Learn this Month?" [10]


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