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Categories Business magazine
Frequency Eleven times per year
Publisher Association to Promote Quality Journalism
Year founded 2004; 11 years ago (2004)
Country Austria
Language German

Datum is an Austrian monthly magazine which is published in German language.

History and profile[edit]

Founded in 2004 by journalist Klaus Stimeder and businessman Hannes Weyringer, Datum is published by the Association to Promote Quality Journalism (Verein zur Förderung des Qualitätsjournalismus) eleven times a year. The circulation is 10.000 copies. The magazine aims to be an alternative in the Austrian media market, providing long articles with background information.[1] Topics covered are Austrian politics, foreign policy, media and culture.

In September 2005, Tyler Brûlé elected Datum "best news magazine" in his "Fast Lane Media Awards". In his Financial Times column, he stated:

"Austria's Datum is showing others how it should be done. With its slightly off, always iconic covers, matte paper stock and sharp lay-outs it's become a cult favourite among art directors around the world. The website's a thing of beauty, too."

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