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Datun sahib is the name of a tree in the main bazaar at Leh, Ladakh, India. Guru Nanak visited this site around 1516. There is no Gurudwara at the site, but the remains of a large meswak tree are located behind the Jamia Masjid in the main bazaar at Leh. The Datun sahib is located close to the Leh Palace, on a lane which mainly houses bread makers.

Datun Sahib contains a nishan sahib and a tree wrapped with orange cloth. A yellow board in front of the tree refers to the visit Rimpoche Nanak (Holy Nanak) around 1516. Guru Nanak was revered by both Buddhists and Muslims alike. It is said that Leh was devoid of greenery at the time, but Nanak blessed the city with greenery by planting a meswak tree. This meswak tree is a reminder of the abiding message of Nanak, to spread greenery and harmony all around. There are two main Singh Sabha Gurudwaras located within a kilometer of the site.