Daud Beureu'eh

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Teungku Daud Beureu'eh
Teuku Daud Beureueh.jpg
Born 1899
Died 1987
Allegiance Darul Islam

Teungku Daud Beureueh (1899 in Pidie, Aceh – 1987 in Jakarta), military Governor of Aceh (1945–1953) and leader of the Darul Islam rebellion in the province (1953–1963).

Born in Pidie Regency, he became the leader of ulema (Islamic religious scholar) party of Aceh during the 1930s, and also its leader during civil war of 1945. He became ruler of Aceh Province after the war.

In 1953, he joined the Darul Islam rebellion as a response to dissolution of Aceh Province and the failure to implement sharia law. He led guerrilla bands of rebels until 1963, when he agreed to a peace agreement in return for the reestablishment of Aceh Province, with special right for sharia law.[1]

After the appearance of GAM separatists in 1977, Beureueh, who secretly supported the rebels, was arrested and held under house arrest in Jakarta until his death in 1987.[citation needed]


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