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Daun ubi tumbuk (daun - leaves, ubi - cassava, tumbuk - pounded) is a vegetable dish in Padang food made from puréed cassava leaves. The cassava leaves are traditionally pounded with a wooden mortar and pestle, although finely chopping or puréeing them using a blender is an alternative.

The leaves are cooked in a fried spice paste consisting at a minimum of chilis and shallots, but usually some or all of ginger, galangal, candlenut, garlic, lemongrass and other spices, along with coconut milk and ikan teri. Daun ubi tumbuk is frequently cooked with cempokak, a small bitter aubergine.

For Western cooks, kale is a possible substitute for cassava leaves.[1]

A different daun ubi tumbuk recipe is prepared by the Dayak of Kalimantan, simply boiled with shallot, animal fat and salt.[2]


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