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Dauphin Island Sea Lab Logo
Dauphin Island Sea Lab Logo

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) is Alabama's primary marine education and research center. DISL is the home site of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium and was founded by an act of the Alabama State Legislature in 1971. It also has a public aquarium specializing in estuarine organisms, the George F. Crozier Estuarium.

The facilities are located on the East end of Dauphin Island, and occupy grounds formerly owned by the US Air Force for the 693rd Radar Squadron.[1] It is located across the street from historic Fort Gaines.[2]


The George F. Crozier Estuarium at Dauphin Island Sea Lab

The George F. Crozier Estuarium is part of the Discovery Hall educational program at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. It includes a 10,000 square foot Exhibit Hall and a Living Marsh Boardwalk.The Exhibit Hall features four exhibits highlighting aquatic life that could be found in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, Mobile Bay, the Barrier Islands and the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

The Estuarium's newest addition is Rays of the Bay exhibit. Opened in March 2013, the 6,400 gallon touch tank houses six sets of four species of rays and skates indigenous to the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay. The species include the Southern stingray, Cownose ray and Atlantic stingray.[3]


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